What’s up…

with all the damn vampires in my head and… Tom Odell!  I’ve listened to his music before but man!  That kid is amazing!  Vampires… not so much.

Switching it a bit, recovering from a temporary lapse of sanity I had last weekend.  I’m grateful for my loving family.  They keep it real.  My Niece quells my craziness and fuels my determination to get my first novel out… the right way.  Created my own cover because it was getting too stressful negotiating with the local artist.  This was supposed to be a fun collaboration.  If anyone knows about using Creative Common licensed images for book covers and can confirm I can do this, give me a shout.  I’ve researched it and it seems I can but you know how it works.

On that note… almost done.  No more MATL parts… it’s now Some Kind of Heaven, M.A.T.L Book One.  

Talk to ya’ll later.  Gonna go see about getting rid of some vampires because I need to be in Some Kind of Heaven right now.

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