I am an animal

Always in my head

All I want

Be together


Losing sleep

Fix you

Where do we go from here

I found

How deep is your love

Come and get it

Adventure of a lifetime

You and Me

I’m an albatraoz


Sin Contrato

Vente pa’ ca

Alors on danse

Ne me quitte pas

The sound of silence



Die federmaus



I am an animal, beast of sonnet, lyric, hysteria. 

I am an animal, chaotic in song and melody. 

I am an animal, losing my head in tune hypnotic. 

I am an animal, feasting on notes bravado, fierce. 

I am an animal, lo do I sing, lo do I dance, lo do I dream… CREATE.


© 2017 Mel Gutiér







5 thoughts on “I am an animal

    1. WP just gave me a 100 likes sticker thanks to you. Let’s celebrate. You jump up and down and I jump up and down… we’ll pretend it’s a white winter wonderland and get into some hot cocoa and orange cranberry scones! 😉


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