Some Kind of Heaven – Update Rant

Worakls’ Flocon De Neige playing in the background. I’m in the dark ready for bed. My husband’s sleeping, my children are sleeping, but I’m not. My eyes tired, my head wishing I was in the Maldives soaking in RNR basking in the sweet heat. Never been but I can dream like I’ve been. Wow!  Such a hypnotic sound and so cool to sway to.  I need to be on a motorcycle hugging on Micheal or Paul while we ride under a dark starry night (dreaming – don’t tell my hubby).  This tune really helped me finish up some work tonight. I kept playing it over and over again until the polish wore off my brain. I like Mr. Suicide Sheep. It’s a great channel. The tunes are cool and always a great pick me up. I have it on most of the time. Sometimes if I’m working on a scene or just for juice, poison, I’ll look for something harder but the Sheep is good.

This is supposed to be an update on Some Kind of Heaven. Still getting used the name change but I like it. So, I’m formatting and fine tuning but then I find little things in the text, like a missing word or missing punctuation.  Stuff like that. So that’s where I am right now. Basically, I decided to go over the novel entirely, again, one last time. After this, I’m done!!! No more! I’m having a tantrum over it. I’m dying to get it out and my children keep asking me why I’m not done yet. Ugh!!!!! They want to read it and I feel bad that I can’t have them hanging around because it’s a very grown up novel. Though it may seem like a young adult given the theme. However, now a days teens are reading way deeper, more graphic, more detailed stories. In comparison, I suppose my novel may be soft now that I’ve removed the “sexually explicit” stuff. It was not sexually explicit! I keep arguing it but maybe it was. It’s so late.

Thought I would explain how M.A.T.L. is pronounced. (Ooh! I love this tune. Echos’ Take.) Matl is pronounced ‘maddle’ like middle with an a. There. I don’t want to give away the meaning. If you read the novel you’ll find out right away. Okay… that’s all I got – yo! Bedtime.

Love ya’ll and have a great whatever!  Peace out!

Some Kind of Heaven… coming at some point in the future. Soon.

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