The Vampire Thing

Thought I’d sort out the vampire thing. I’ve been working on my novel, my baby (M.A.T.L. Book 1), for a few hours. And whenever I get all into it… I feel like taking breaks here and there just to sort of… breathe. I’ve been doing just that. Connecting with a couple of fellow bloggers and laughing, crying. (You know I didn’t mean to be so motherly with my last post about following but it just had to come out. (By the way there is a superwifeandmummy out there that has stronger balls than I do, you should check her out.) So fun to connect. Little did I know that I would connect so well with the vampires in my head. I had to stop what I was doing and jump in to their world a moment. I finished another installment while at work this week. We had some down time and the storyline just flowed out of me making my brain cells explode with delight. (Insert evil genius laughter.)

While I wasn’t planning on posting it just yet, my characters have other ideas and you will see the latest installment in a few minutes after I read over it one last time.

Curious thing that happens to me when I have a bright idea or in this case a dark one, I just can’t help myself. That’s pretty much it. I just have to write it out, flesh it out until I’m satisfied. (Gosh! I sound like Olivia.) The details, the backstory, the whatever! It has to come out, evolve. So, I’m afraid if you’re not a fan of the genre… it may not suit you but I’m not writing necessarily in genre (whatever that means – I’ve only had three hours of sleep)…

I love my characters to the point that I love making them as real as possible, relatable if you will. I love them. Maybe even too much and I like making you fall in love with them too. I mean who wouldn’t like a tall dark and handsome brown eyed beauty nibbling on their neck. Hmm… I’m just ranting because I’m secretly in love with Michael.

Okay finally if you’re new to this craziness… Here is the lay of the land in my head since it’s inception —
I love writing romance. I posted Touch MeFears (a very talented witty blogger/friend) replied to one of my comments on his blog, that it would make a killer Vampire post, if I changed a line. Well, it wasn’t and I didn’t change anything, I couldn’t. Then out of nowhere, a few minutes passed and after my little exchange with Fears… Olivia was born. I pants the living daylights out of it and within an hour, I had Satiating Olivia Brown. Who knew! 

So that is how it all came to life. After that my brain went at it full force. It has been eerily effortless for me and to the surprise of my family, so fun. I’m not doing any research or anything. I’ve only watched the Twilight movie a very long time ago in parts when it came on TV. Not a fan, never was, well to be honest I loved the Dracula movie with Gary Oldman. I’m a fan of Oldman and I thought he was brilliant in it. That and it had an old-world charm, a sort of classic love story.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this because it sounds like I’m trying to clear my name as if I’ve been accused of a crime. Just to say that this has, for some reason, been very organic for me. Crazy as it is, I’m writing a vampire novel, while I’m editing my baby, who’s been waiting patiently for me each day and each day I’m making progress hoping that it will be good enough. For now, Unearthly coming right up.  Wait a about thirty minutes and you should see it in the reader.

If you want to follow the story as it unfolded in my head, it goes as follows:

Satiating Olivia Brown




(So far – there will be more)

I’m trying to keep it no more than five pages and under 3000 words. I know. Long but that’s me. Also, the chapters/installments have to be good enough to stand on their own. Hence the flash fiction aspect of it. Let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “The Vampire Thing

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  4. superwifeandmummy

    Omg, Mel. Where do I start? Firstly I am still laughing. ..clearing your name of a crime! 😂😂
    And the shout out! I may be a little bit in love with you I think! 😂 Thank you 😙
    The way you’re approaching (your brain is approaching ) your novel is just.. I love it. Everything you say resonates. And not liking Twilight but loving the Gary Oldman Dracula…? Are you spying on my brain…hmmmm?
    I am obviously going to do a catch up on your baby when I get my little reading/writing/catch up window in my day and obviously I’ll be passionately commenting.
    A huge, cuddly hug to you X

    Liked by 1 person

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