Don’t mind if I live vicariously through you.  Shopping for back to school lunches.  Ugh!

My kids believe they live in a castle with servants.  Public school cafeteria lunches aren’t good enough for them (have you seen what they feed our kids!).

All the while I want to be back home writing.  Ideas are superfluous when at the grocery store.  Need a chip in my brain for auto transfer on to my PC.  Need Kent to get right on that!

Okay those beautiful teen eyes are rolling at me right now.  No new cell phone today as they did not have the model IPhone she wanted.  Thank God!

Wish you all the best whatever!  

Peace out with tons of love!


47 thoughts on “Rant!

      1. Editing sucks! I’m struggling there but… that’s why I like Amazon.

        I hope I get some feedback and if I have to I can change it. I think. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing! My freaking novel is too big!


      2. Grammarly. Yes. I paid someone last year to help with major editing. That was mistake. My novel was red lined and she just didn’t get it.

        So that’s when I went Rogue! Lol.

        Hey thanks for chatting. This is kind of fun and helpful.

        My problem is more in cutting the content down. It’s a romance novel, a girly love story. I’m a detailed writer. I like my characters juicy… How much juice… That’s the question, is good juice.


      3. I had an idea of doing part 1 and then part 2.
        I think I’m a better writer now then when I first got started.

        That’s why I’m working really hard to take content down but it’s not working. I’m thinking now, talking to you that I should do a part 1 and then a part 2 for the first book.

        You’ve actually helped me a lot.

        So I will see how part 1 does it will give me some time to finalize part 2 while getting feedback for the first book.


      4. Luv ya! Thanks for this. You’ve helped me a great deal. And…

        You’ve been a great pal. Because when I come visit. I smile and I feel refreshed. I’m also inspired.

        The first time I saw your site I was so impressed but scared. I had no clue about the genre… I was a virgin. LOL

        Now, I’ve all my Fears tucking me in at night.

        Have fun. I feel like you’re enjoying this transition period a great deal. No kids yet huh?



      5. thats something to bare in mind as it goes, the bigge your book size memory and paperwise, the less you get from sales from Amazon. That really screwed me up on the first book getting the right book size to price. Be wary of that. Upload a rough draft at 325,000 words long and go to the pricing bit just to get an idea of costs / vs money earned. Different for me cause the pictures, but all the same, worth checking before you finish formatting.


  1. Puppy dog eyes indeed. LOL. That’s spot on. Just got home and happy little helpers put everything away! The were ecstatic about all the organic goodies. God forbid artificial as part of their Royal Majesties’ diets. LOL!


    1. I love her too much! Honestly… she’s a great kid. She doesn’t ask for anything ever and she was going to use her birthday money that’s what bothered me the most.

      No kid should need a three hundred dollar phone. That’s crazy!

      Yes… I cave easily. My girls are too sweet and I’ve got it easy. I’m typing away while laundry and lunch are still not done.

      I’m blessed! 😉


    2. Guess what! Around six this evening they called from the cellular provider. They were able to get the exact IPhone Model from another dealer. She was so happy I almost cried. Rushed over as they were about to close. In a way… I’m glad she got it. She’s been asking for one since she was 12. She’s 16. Her Grandmother wanted her to have the phone, so in a way… it’s nice.

      Love… hope you have a lovely Monday and thank you again… for today. It was a roller coaster of a Sunday for me.

      Nice ride. Peace.


      1. superwifeandmummy

        Hahaha! Awww amazing! I’m actually so pleased for her. This made me smile after a night of not much sleep 😪😪😪
        Have an amazing weekend my lovely and look forward to more cheeky chit chats X

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