Matl-ism — In Love

Big sigh. Sad sigh. I pull the covers over me, my heart beating for him. Wanting him close to me. I stare at the ceiling of twinkly LED lights Dad installed over the summer. The cord is clear so you can only see the twinkly lights when the room is completely dark. It looks like a shower of stars the way he put them up. Lovely. Magical. I have my window open just in case, by chance, Joseph comes by. There is a soft knock on the door and it opens slowly. It’s Angel. I knew it would be him.

“Hey…” he says crawling into bed next to me.

“Hey.” I acknowledge barely audibly.

“Did Mom and Dad get upset?”


“Was it about Joseph?”


“Well… what did they say?”

“Mom just said I had to talk to him about spending so much time together since he’s so much older.”

“Wow! I want some lights like these in my room.” He says kissing my hand gently.

He doesn’t look at me. We’re both staring at the ceiling.

“Matl, I know you feel like things are changing and it probably feels weird to you. It feels weird to me too. One thing that doesn’t have to change is our birthdays. Their coming up soon. I mean unless you want that to change. I’m happy we share that.”

He says finally turning towards me. Tears flooding down my face.

“Matl… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” His empathetic tone soft on my ears.

Shaking my head, trying so hard to stop the lump in my throat from choking me.

“I think I’m in love with Joseph. Like… love, love–romantic love.”


Some Kind of Heaven

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

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