Matl-ism – Okay

He shakes his head and looks at me letting out his laugh and then softly staring at me with a smile that would make anyone’s underwear fall off. What a smile! Dear God… what are you doing to me? He’s serious now.

“They’re all upset because I love you too much. I love you! I do! But…”

“I’m too young?” I say with a big sigh. Why did I have to bring that up?

“Well… no… um… yes… in a way… I guess.” He agrees or he doesn’t. Oh God… wouldn’t it be lovely if were lovers right now? Young and in love. What’s wrong with that?

“Well… why do you love me so much then? I mean if you think I’m too young? Do you think I’m too young?”

“Please don’t ask me that and it’s not necessarily physical attraction.” He tries to explain poorly.

I’m thinking… What? That makes me feel so inadequate. Am I that hideous?

“I mean it’s not that you’re not pretty. Um… I think… I think you’re beautiful, inside and out. I know you. My soul knows you and –”

Sleeping at Last – “Never Tear Us Apart” (cover)

At that moment, something attacks me from within and I swear I could kiss him on the lips but instead I pounce on him like when I was little. My long limbs draped on him like heavy branches. He stands up picking me up along with him. Gosh! He’s so strong. My legs wrapped around his waist. I kiss him on the cheek and he squeezes me taking in a breath of me, smelling my wild, crazy hair. He kisses the side of my head. It feels familiar and yet… We hold each other in an innocent embrace for a while. At least for him it may be innocent, but for me… I’m in love with him. I’m in love. He gives me one last squeeze and I close my eyes soaking in the feeling of his strong beautiful body against mine. He peels me off him and looks intensely at me. He cups my face with his hands. Kill me know! He’s amazing. Kiss me Joseph whispers in my head but I can’t let it out.

“My beautiful Matl.” He kisses my forehead. “Now, I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to do that again. Okay?”

He cautions me like a father. “Okay.”


Some Kind of Heaven

© 2017 Mel Gtutiér

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