Matl-ism — Naked

It’s the night of Mom and Dad’s 28th wedding anniversary. They don’t want a big deal made of it but it is. Twenty-eight years and still going strong and so passionate. First Mom is gorgeous and no one, to look at her, would believe that she gave birth to three gigantic boys. I mean looking at her I wonder how she gained all that weight with Joe and survived. Sixty pounds she gained and delivered vaginally. She gained about forty with Marcus. She only gained thirty with me and Angel. Mom and Dad say I was tiny in comparison to the boys. Anyway… it’s wild how we all came out of this short woman with sexy curves. I have to stop saying that. She isn’t that short. But I’m starting to catch up to her and she doesn’t like it. Funny! Dad is taking her out and they’re probably getting ready. I can’t resist sneaking into their room. I hear the shower as I open the door to the dressing room. Mom walks out of the bathroom naked drying her hair.

“Matl you startled me!”

I’m not looking away. I’m so curious. She grabs her robe quickly. She’s so curvy. She has wide hips and everything else. I caught a glimpse of her hair down there. It is surprisingly discreet. Not at all like I imagined it would be. It looks like a small dark triangle. I hope I inherited some of that. No wonder Dad wants her all the time. I wish I could see the C-section scar from my birth. Maybe one day I’ll muster up the courage to ask if I can see it up close. The shower is still on. Oh my God! Dad is still in there. Were they in there together? Were they having sex in the shower? I’m so curious.

Mom notices my distraught face.

“What is it lovely?”

I give her a silent nod in response. She accepts it. She continues the ritual of enhancing her beauty with a gentle grace I hope she gifted me with in the womb. I’m so enjoying looking at her. She notices me eye the door behind her. Their master bath is attached to their dressing room slash closet. There are his and hers sides and Mom has a vanity near a small window overlooking her garden. She has a pink padded chair matching her vanity. She loves the color pink. On his side Dad has a mirror on his dresser and a brown leather padded bench with a small side table. I hear the shower stop. Dad’s coming out.

“Matl’s here!”

Mom warns him before he walks out in the buff. I smile. They did take a shower together. Naked together. It is a big enough shower. I’m fascinated!


I hear him say. I look at Mom sitting at her vanity. It’s so nice to watch her. She puts her hair up and she is very beautiful and natural. I see she will be wearing make up tonight. She starts with some sort of cream. I study her motions. Every level carefully thought out. She smiles and doesn’t say anything. She just lets me observe her. There is a very revealing red dress hanging front and center beside her.

On his side, Dad has his black suit out. He looks so good in that suit. The first time I saw him in it I couldn’t stop staring at him. He’s wrapped in nothing but a towel and he looks really good. I can see some muscular definition. I hadn’t noticed before. Wow! He is so handsome. The peppered hair on his chest makes me sigh. He has a good amount but nothing freaky. One time we went to a water park and I saw plenty of horrible hairy chests. Dad’s is so nice. Can’t blame Mom for all the ’clear the throat’ moments I’ve seen between the two of them.

“What’s up kiddo?”

“Just curious. Umm… where are you taking Mom?”

I ask with a smile trying to hide my dorky reaction to his chest hair. I can’t help it. I’ve got Joseph brain and it makes me funky. I was imagining Joseph with chest hair like his.

“That is top secret so I can’t say it out loud. Come here.” He whispers.

Mom’s got a big smile on her face. His whispering is tickling my ear making me giggle. They haven’t gone dancing for a long time because of work and time conflicts. He is taking her to a very fancy restaurant for dinner and then for a stroll down memory lane. Whatever that means. Finally dancing. He tells me he hopes he’ll be able to keep up with her on the dance floor. It makes me laugh out loud.

“What?” Mom asks with a smile.

“Shh… It’s a secret!” I say. Their laughter fills my ears sending ripples of happiness through me.

Dad starts back towards the bathroom to change into his suit. I feel bad for wrecking their private moment of getting ready.

“No! Dad, I’ll leave. I’ll wait outside.”

He smiles and kisses me on the cheek. He shuts the door behind me. I imagine them naked together. No secrets between them. Normal as usual, getting dressed without being shy or embarrassed with each other. My eyes fixed on the door hiding them from everyone else and they are there alone for each other. I can hear them. They’re bustling around and Dad is laughing about something. I’m not really focused on what they are saying but I imagine their bodies moving around naked and maybe touching as they get ready.


Some Kind of Heaven

© 2017 Mel Gutiér




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