“The world is a better place…” – a poem

This is a poem I wrote for our beautiful teachers last year. I formatted it, used an appropriate background and farmed it. It was an inexpensive but heartwarming way, I hope, to thank them. We are very fortunate to have such a loving and dedicated family of teachers/staff at the elementary school my girls attend. Really blessed.

Just thought I’d include it in my nook here at WP. Hope you like it.


Your guidance cradles me softly through life’s voyage.
The ride is sweeter with the shades of your wisdom.
Your smile gives me courage and lulls my heart.

The world is a better place.

Your quiet way of loving me gives me wings.
The ride is bumpy but you provide cushion.
Your words provide clarity within my labyrinth.

The world is a better place.

Your hands illustrate exemplary ways and I become stronger.
The ride is fast but you engrave it in the walls of my mind.
Your existence nourishes my soul providing me long life support.

The world is a better place… with you in it!


© 2016 Mel Gutér

17 thoughts on ““The world is a better place…” – a poem

  1. We are so fortunate to have amazing teachers and supportive school environments for both our kids. This poem is a lovely summation of what it means as a parent to know our children are being shaped and guided by wonderful people – a fitting tribute Mel.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yep – all recovered thanks and fought down the urge to go running over the weekend to get in some proper rest! Will post on my story / writing blog first I suspect…I think my next post is number 200 🙂


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