Matl-ism — Birthday Cuddle

The doorbell. Hmm… Where are Mom and Dad? Their bedroom door is open. Usually there is a lot of running around by this time and only Marcus and Angel are bustling now. I walk slowly down the front steps. Still feeling a little weak. The doorbell sounds one more time. Angel runs towards me to help.

“Wait don’t rush… I’ll get the door. I bet I know who it is.”

Who? He rushes down and I follow slowly behind. Joseph! My heart starts pumping blood but quick. I have butterflies in my stomach as he looks up at me and rushes to my side. He kisses my cheek.

“Wait! Wait, I got you. Happy birthday beautiful!”

I can hardly breathe. I can’t stop staring at him. He smiles locking onto my gaze.

“I have to go get ready. You got this Joseph?”

“Yeah buddy… no worries. I got my love right where I want her.”

What? Angel chuckles and runs back upstairs. What is happening?

“Why Matl… you look a bit confused. Come. You feel hungry yet?”

“No. What is happening? Is there something happening?”

“Well… let’s see, it’s your birthday and oh… it’s your birthday!”

He makes me laugh and it hurts my tummy. Ouch. He apologizes and we sit in the family room. Where are Mom and Dad?

“Mom and Dad aren’t home and you… you’re not dressed for school?”

“Well, my parents and your parents are taking care of a few things and we are going to hang out until they get back. I… I don’t have to go to school today. I worked it all out so that I can spend the day with you.”


“Are you sure? How…”

“Let’s just say I inherited my Dad’s power of persuasion and well… here I am.”

Laughing from happiness. I’m so happy… ouch! My swollen belly is not taking this well.

“Here… lay back.” He tells me gently guiding me back on the couch. He sits at the edge of my feet and scoots closer until he has my legs over his lap. He takes a small box out of his jacket. It’s a Tiffany box complete with white ribbon. Oh, my goodness.

“Happy birthday lovely Matl. A tribute to your fine metamorphosis.”

Wow! Swallow, bite lip, deep breath… as he places it in my right hand. I feel like such a dork. I must definitely look like a dork. For one, I can’t stop staring and then… I’m sure the smiling makes me so weird looking. My cheeks hurt. His reaction is sweet, tender even. He’s so loving and it’s driving me crazy. I feel funny. My insides… I can’t tell if it’s him or my current physical condition due to the surgery. Those eyes… I want to kiss him crazy!

“Go ahead… open it.”

Oh wow… so simple and yet so extravagant. How beautiful. How appropriate. It is the most beautiful butterfly pendant in silver. Lovely, thoughtful and so perfect.

“Look at it closely.”

How did he manage this? There is a tiny ‘M+J’ engraved on the thorax part of the butterfly. Rubbing the letters with my fingers. I can feel the etching. I hold out my hand for his. I pull myself up on my knees. I’m so close to him now. I’m so touched.

“Joseph… it is so….”

I shrug my shoulders and I start to cry like a baby.

“Don’t cry. Come here.”

He puts his arm around me as I lean on his chest. I close my eyes because I can’t believe what is happening. My eyes want to see him now… look at him. His smile is incredible to me. Every ounce of affection for him amplified in me. I want to literally explode. He’s fingers softly wiping my tears away.

“Happy tears?”

I nod.

“You like it then?”

I nod again.

“Want to put it on?”

I nod. He helps me with it. It is lovely. Simple and so meaningful. I don’t think I’ll take it off ever. He lets out a sigh as I lift my hair up. I feel his breath on the back of my neck now. I have a warm feeling inside me. Heat? Maybe. My forefinger is addicted to the engraving. I love the feeling of our initials together. We should kiss now but we cuddle instead, rather he lets me cuddle into him.


Some Kind of Heaven


© 2017 Mel Gutiér

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