Update on My Baby – SKoH

Been working on Some Kind of Heaven, kissing it, caressing it, polishing it as much as I can when I can. I feel a great deal better about the name change. That’s the least of my problems, word count is way too high, over 300,000 words. I know! I know. Had a sleepless conversation with Fears the other night regarding this matter.  I had been thinking in terms of pages when page number can vary regardless.  Word count on the other hand is word count.  He gave me some great insight. I’m publishing through Amazon and he has self-published through Amazon.  I’m grateful to him for the insomniac qualities of our discussion.  I thought I had this all figured out. I was going to publish the damn thing by my birthday, March, through a self-publishing company. I was so confident about it. But when I decided to do some more research and then I started this blog, everything changed. I think for the better.

Now… what to do with this humongous monster of a ‘worder’. (Yeah! I made that word up! Okay!) I’m so attached to the story that it’s almost impossible for me to cut stuff out without completely rewriting it. (Would that be so bad?  It would probably take me another year though.)  Every conversation I’ve had with my niece is like… Don’t cut anything! Please! I’m telling you, people will read it! They’ll love it! She’s terribly cute. She’s in her twenties and loves to read, escape into worlds. So… screw it! I’m not cutting anything but I am cutting it in half. Part One and Part Two. Part One, going for an end of September release date, give or take a couple of weeks. I think I’ve mentioned before that this was supposed to be a summer read. Ugh! Life gets in the way of the life I want. But, no worries. I’m good. I’m happy.  I’m just a little extreme with the expressions. Working on that.

Thank you for all your encouragement and support. If you hadn’t been around, I don’t know what. Maybe I would have given up. I’m confident that with time, practice and serious study, my writing will get better. My stories might get weirder though. I’ve some new outlines that just are like… what the heck? Who knows. I’m going to keep at it. Whether I make it to Hollywood or not, or end up in Scotland/Northern Ireland, in a little stone cottage overlooking the ocean, I’ll always come back to this place. It has become such a magical world to me. I’m living Some Kind of Heaven within its embrace.


Love ya’ll.

Have a lovely whatever!

Peace out!


20 thoughts on “Update on My Baby – SKoH

  1. Little late to the party here, just found your blog and enjoying it. I do understand the concern about your word count, but do you think the story is better in it’s longer form? Maybe you shouldn’t cut. Plenty of large novels out there, and personally, I enjoy long books. Sure it can be easier to market a smaller book or cut a big book in to two parts, but I think you should follow your instincts and write the book you’d want to read, if that makes sense.


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    1. Thank you. But… Congratulate me when I actually follow through. LOL.

      I’m taking your advice and making that list. Been reflecting and mulling over. It’s my first piece… My baby… The next work will better.

      I’m writing a screen play for it and thinking I want to see the movie! LOL

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  2. superwifeandmummy

    I would NOT cut anything. Who’s chasing you ? (Cypriot saying roughly translated 😂)
    Your baby. You decide .
    Lots of love, lovely X


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