A little personal love story

I’ve been trying to divorce my hubby for many years now. I’m so glad he laughed at me all those times and has decided to stick it out thus far. (Thank God because I love him.) Yesterday he did an amazing thing. He’s full of those amazing little details that we might, as significant others, take for granted. Really, truly… if I get to Heaven it will be because of him. He’s more religious, kinder, softer, more patient, more everything than I am.

Anyway… he had been hounding me a bit to make sure and block out Saturday September 2, 2PM, for over a week. I kind of rolled my eyes a little because I just want to work on my novel/write/blog. Each day he’d say “Saturday. Right?” Confirming with me each time. He’s so adorable. I begrudgingly agreed each time because as I’ve mentioned and if you’ve been following, when I’m writing/creating, I feel guilty for not wanting to be with my family.  When I’m with my family all I’m thinking about is wanting to get back to my laptop and let what’s in my brain out.

The week came and went. Saturday arrived nicely as I met a new blogger, whose soul I like a lot. More on that later. My sister needed help in the morning and left all her appendages with us for the morning (they actually spent the night). That meant breakfast for a lot of little and not so little hungry mouths. I was not going to cook (I wanted a break from the kitchen honestly). Chick-fil-A anyone? Yes. Ran out, my lovely Mother pitched in and everyone was satisfied. Hurray for Chick-fil-A. Back to catching up with some reading off the WP reader and working a little on Chapter 3 of SoKH. Hubby looks at me…

“Still on for this afternoon? Right?”

“Umm… do we have to? Where are you taking me?”

“It’s about you. I think you’ll like it. You’ll be ready?”

I hadn’t a clue and frankly, I was starting to get annoyed. He was persistent though. Loving as always.

“Yes. Yes.”

Around 12:30PM (He had asked that we leave by 1PM so we could hang. What? Hang? What was this place?) I jumped in the shower. He said to dress up but not like Sunday best so just something nice… “no flip flops” he said. My heart started racing. Oh boy… I decided not to pout or do anything that would begrudge his efforts to enhance the love he already proves he has for me on a daily basis. We left the house at 1:20PM. I know. I’m horrible. The drive was not far but whatever it was he kept saying he wanted to make sure we had time to hang out. What is with the hanging out I thought.

I dressed up(sort of), I even wore makeup (I don’t normally) and after a twenty-minute drive he pulls up in front of… Central Market (originally thought it was Whole Foods)? No! They’re known for doing these cooking classes, which might be a fun date but… I complained a little.

“Please… no cooking classes can we do something else?”

I was in no mood to do it. I would love it, we’re both kind of foodies, but not now. He took a deep breath and took my hand. I followed trying to hold back my Latina temper, my Aries fire. As we walked towards the store, he led me passed it. It was a shopping center with all sorts of shops attached to each other. I was about to say something and then I just stayed quiet. He was smiling and I think he was nervous. He’s a true dear.

Cut to the chase Mel!

Right. He opens the door to Interabang Book Store. A new book store in Dallas not too far away from where we live. I could smell the new paint. It was charming and it was a book signing/meet the author event. I felt like a dork. I wanted to ask him if he wanted to divorce me now. It all hit me a little too quickly. That place between awkward and find a happy place. My stomach was in knots. I’m glad I dressed up a little. LOL. He told the clerk my name and the young man rushed to get a copy of Carol Weston’s latest narrative, Speed of Life. He politely pointed her out in case we wanted to meet her. Of course. Natural for a fan to meet her favorite author. Except for one thing. I had never heard of her. My beautiful man had planned this as support for my journey to becoming an author.

Isn’t he amazing!

My hubby gently nudged me towards her. I had already read a little of Speed of Life from the book jacket and felt a connection as the main character is dealing with the loss of her mother (I lost my sister in 2013 and one of my novels deals with loss)). Wow. Connections are big this weekend. As I awkwardly introduced myself we started the small chat. She was charming. Absolutely stunning, friendly. Spew out some of my Spanish and it was a hit. Her Spanish lisp was delightful. I’ve linked her website so you can find out more about her. Children’s author extraordinaire. She was also insightful and because I was so nervous I blurted out the story that I hadn’t read her books, that my hubby wanted to surprise me, but that I was looking forward to reading her work.  Not to mention having my kids read them.  She’s amazing.

Fast forward to a delightful reading of excerpts from two of her books and my brain went crazy with all the connections I had with her. Speed of Life is about a 15-year-old, my character is 13. Her main character has Spanish roots. So does mine. Her character is dealing with the loss of her mother and my character was born from the novel, yet to be written formally, about her grandmother’s passing having affected her own mother deeply (Can’t wait to finish this trilogy and get into that one (also a trilogy – LOL)).

I took a picture with her, found out we both speak French and Italian as well. My husband laughed at the language banter. He found it amusing how I had started speaking to her in Spanish and she spewed it eloquently back to me. Then after the book signing, our exchange went from French to Italian. It was so fun. He thought it was hilarious for some reason. He later confessed, as we explored the brand-new book store a while, that it was difficult to listen to the excerpts. I burst out laughing. This is how it went down.

“Honey. Thank you so much. This was so nice of you to do this. I loved it and I love this book store.”

He gave me a look of love, relief, tenderness. He nodded his head happy and then..

“You know, while I was listening to her read from her books…” I shook my head in anticipation. He smiled and said, “I wanted to kill myself.”

He had done it all for me.  Awe… A kiss and another burst of laughter later we were at Central Market having a late lunch at a not so great locale. Been to better, nicer locations. I looked at him after, as we walked around the produce shopping for the select choice pieces of fruits. I thought about the Carol Weston books we bought for our girls, all autographed and all. I thought about my husband supporting my dream and how amazing love can be, if you just let it be. I think I will. I will just let it be. I think I’ll keep him. Yeah… I’ll keep him.



http://www.carolweston.com/  (Must check her work out especially if you’re a parent).



24 thoughts on “A little personal love story

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      1. Anything worthwhile takes some work haha 😉 All good here – although have had very little time for reading and writing over the last week and a half…hoping to remedy that very soon! Hope you’re having a good week

        Liked by 1 person

  3. superwifeandmummy

    I read this late last night but I’ve just sat down to reply! What a lovely story and what a gem your husband is, you horrible woman! Kidding…sounds amazing and I’m so pleased it was such a great experience for you X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so sweet. With the blog I wanted to keep it just about my work. But getting personal is inevitable. Especially when you realize how much support you get from your family. I had to share that with my blogging family. We laughed a lot as he literally git lost in the shuffle a bit. We hadn’t hung out like that in a while.

      It was nice to hang out without the girls. Although all we did was talk about them. But that’s love. Right?

      Luv ya!


      1. superwifeandmummy

        Hahaha right!
        I’ve just written a few other replies to you so there’s going to be a bit of crossfire with comments so I’ll just say this here .
        I read part II of the Matl story. I do and did understand where you are coming from. I think this book will shoot you to the stars, I really do .
        One thing you don’t mention, unless I missed it- is Matl an acronym of you and your hubby and kids’ initials? Or if not, where did the name come from?
        Apart from that. .Lots of love X

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Gotta read the novel to find out. Nothing to do with my family but hers. Nothing in anything I write gas to do with my family. To much sexual tension. LOL.

        Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement.

        You’ll always have your big sis, here, if you need her. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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