When Morgan Tanner Likes and then Likely Unlikes your Post

Trimming the hedges and someone whose work I like, liked my last post and then possibly regretted it.  LOL.  I was over the moon though.  I couldn’t believe it! 

I started trimming the hedges, long over due, couldn’t stop thinking about the bloggers I love regardless of whether they like my work or not.  It’s interesting how our minds, our hearts, behave in light of what we like and don’t like.  I’m pretty eclectic in my likes.  I love anything that’s engaging.  I’ll get sucked in and go… Hey that is interesting.  LIKE!

I get it. Morgan is into horror.  With the exception of my Vampira stuff, I’m not.  But when I visited his blog and red his book reviews and his personal stuff.  I’m one of his groupies now.  He’s a dark Lord!  The way he writes is fast.  I love the ride.  I’m on my phone, outside, taking a break and dont know if i can switch between apps to link.  I have a cheap phone. But you can look him up in you’re reader.  Expecting great things from him.

Hey… it would be so funny if he clicked the like on accident.  LOL! MT if you’re reading, love your work and now everyone knows!

 Ya’ll have a great whatever!

17 thoughts on “When Morgan Tanner Likes and then Likely Unlikes your Post

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  2. This is a ‘big massive’ Like, if that is even a thing! No mistake, in fact I was about to comment on how all my characters are simply the voices in my head, before I got called away to write a story in blood. I had been meaning to go back and do this, but now you know!
    I did just check the post to make sure my stupid face was still under the Likes, but I see you’ve already seen this, too!

    Big thanks for the shout out, though. My head is swelling right about now!!

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