100 Days of Reflection and Music(100 DoRaM): Day 1 – Discipline

Something I lack.

This is the very first post relating to 100 days of reflection and music as part of my journey to becoming an author. I have been wanting to do this since I began following Jay’s blog. Read this and then go check out his blog if you haven’t already. His blog, and David Allen’s “The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” (book I just started reading) are the inspiration behind this attempt to do something about the chaos that is me. I thought about doing the 365-day thing but… no. 100 days will do. What happens when I reach 100? We shall see. I will use one word each day. I’ve plenty in stock. Since I love music so much, I’m also including a song a day. I’m pretty sure I won’t repeat myself there. I’m constantly listening to music for inspiration and this narrative is no different. Words? I’m going to keep it under 1000 words. Is that a lot? It sounds like too little to me. I’m such a blabber mouth.

Here we go.

Listening to Blondie’s Heart of Glass. (I don’t know what is with me and the 70’s music, but I’m currently addicted.) Although they released this in 1979 which kind of makes this an 80’s song. MTV began a couple of years after and I remember, as a little girl, I was hooked on the channel. I remember the first time I saw this video. Debbie Harry looked so cool. Shiny lips, dreamy eyes and the voice of an angel. Yes… I started dreaming up stuff from a very young age. Dancing alone in my room and dreaming. I didn’t fit in with my Mexican family. I was a gringa deep down. Maybe I have some British blood somewhere too. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of my heritage but I loved MTV too much to care one way or the other.  Even now, the Latina in me craves caliente but she listens to everything, no discipline there but it works. I am who I am and I’m just trying to add some humor, not trying or wanting to offend anyone.

I need to discipline my ass in this!  I have to remind myself as I look at the word count, under 1000. Eeek!  Already over 300! Ugh!

As a writer, (Can’t believe I can say that without feeling funny.) I don’t consider myself rigid, regimented. I know. You can tell. Right? My mind is often cluttered and chaotic. There are lots of things brewing in there that for the life of me I can’t control sometimes. But for the things I can, should… discipline. It’s needed. I have a novel to publish. Staring out into space as I ponder the universe that beckons me to restrain, control my disheveled self. It is an art I have yet to conquer and I may not get there right away but I am going to try, work hard. It’s the only way. I need to do it. It is not an excess, a frivolous thing. It is an important frame of mind, a need. Sometimes I wonder how I get anything done at all given how much discipline is lacking in my life. This 100-day thing, it’s part of it. I need to make my brain work every day to bring this post to fruition. This is only day 1. Discipline.

And… I don’t want to clutter your reader but this goal is very important to me. If I reach you, great. If I lose you, well… the ride was nice. And this is in addition to my fiction. It has been great to be able to let it out, share it. There are more installments to come by the way. For now…

A list?
A calendar?
An agenda?
A plan?

Yes Mel—you need to write it down, make a plan, stick to the plan, follow through—do it! (Where’s Charlie when I need him?)

I could say that the reason I lack discipline is because I’m a bad ass, a rebel.  But I won’t. I could play the rebel all I want.  But the fact is—ain’t no one gonna do nothin’ pour moi! It’s all on me. If I continue to stray, I’ll be too tired, the world will go on and I will stay behind. I surely don’t want that. I want to grab the world by the balls. (Charlie… thank you for that one darlin’.)

I want to improve myself, be better, the best me I can be. I want to follow the path that helps me, not the one that ruins me, stifles my potential. I want to be a good example to my daughters, to my loved ones. I want to be a good writer, an author, a movie maker—a creator of worlds. All of this takes discipline, restrain from the negative, self-control to avoid veering from its path, correcting of life long errors and goal-setting.

There is probably a longer list. I could go on. I don’t need a longer list. I can start with correcting how I approach my life. I’ll begin there, acknowledge the puzzle I need to work on, piece by piece, step by step, one day at a time. Eventually each piece will begin to fit. I’ll smooth it out, glue the pieces in place and move on to the next puzzle.

Discipline… I’ma go get me some!


From Mariam Webster

Discipline: training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character: control gained by enforcing obedience or order: orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior: self-control: a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity


Tagging you… challenging you.

45 thoughts on “100 Days of Reflection and Music(100 DoRaM): Day 1 – Discipline

  1. Here’s my advice, in blue: You should write whatever the hell you want. Right? I have a blog, and if I want to incorporate little things, I can do it there. If I wanted you to be the same as me, I’d just go read my own blog on Solipsist Island. I’d follow myself and be my biggest supporter.

    But I want to read YOUR stuff the way you like it, the way you think it and write it. So I’ll follow you and read your stuff and comment and be your friend because of your mind and your personality and who you are – not because you take requests.

    In other words, I like you because you’re already who I like, not because you’re trying to change for me.

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  2. superwifeandmummy

    I know everyone has already said their little piece around here and I agree with a lot of your fans and commenters but I am finding it difficult not get slightly irked at some people’s advice telling you to do this and do that and not do this here and put those there and think and create this way. ..are we serious? Firstly, I don’t recall you actually requesting any bloody “Advice on How to Become a Pigeon Holed Author” in this post, so why SOME people are popping up and spewing anti-creative bollocks is beyond me.
    I like what Fears told you.
    He knows what he’s talking about.
    I’m off to next post to ACTUALLY be supportive

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  3. Pingback: 100 DoRaM: Day 2 – Passion – Fiction in My Head

  4. Take a large dose of Mudrow, but only the part about self indulgent analytics, mixed with a large dose of Fears. Writing and journaling are two different things, regardless of how many people on WP fail to recognize that. Write to/for a purpose. Create a “thing”, polish it, put it up on the big screen and if it screams at you for editing, do it. If you’re going to talk music, think song. A start and an end. Send Charlie and your flirty cousin to Starbucks, write their dialogue. Explain the intricacies of surprise dog poop and bare feet. Talking about discipline is like talking about art, or writing, or music or earthquakes. They just are, so all you can really do is just do it. Talking it to death is in your head. A story is what should come out.

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    1. 🙂 love the dialogue. I’m a big Mudrow fan. That won’t change. I have plans though. I write fiction… Contemporary romance with a bit of a twist and I think out loud.

      This is all part of a master plan. I love and am grateful for your feedback.


      I’m overwhelmed how this is causing so much discussion. Love it. 😉

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      1. Mudrow and Jac Forsyth build those layer cakes. I used to think obseqious was the point, but discovered the counterpoint, often in three or four parts. Reading that stuff sometimes is like trying to follow a Beethovern string quartet, which will drive you quite mad, so I take them as a whole these days.

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      2. 🙂 I do the same. I’m like a kid a candy store. I used to write a great deal in college. I left, I worked and started a family… I’m completely new, raw. I appreciate everyone. I really do.

        I only began taking myself seriously as a writer last year when I looked at a complete manuscript and just decided – I’m going to do this.

        Blogging… If you can call it that… never entered my mind until three months ago. I just jumped in, never expecting it to bring me where I am today. My laundry is liking up but my novel is coming along.

        I’m a happy camper! No complaints and I’m having a blast!

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  5. Your Biggest Fan

    One of the things I enjoy most about your blog is its “chaos”, it’s fun to see the ideas dancing around and bumping into each other. Things that have “little to do with each other” merge together and create greater things, by the time I catch up the post has ended and I want more… Some people try way too hard but you just have it, haters gonna hate. #IsDisciplineNecessary

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    1. You’re a lovely man. I’m grateful for your friendship and support.

      I sincerely hope your heart is remembering but not hurting so much.

      She’s with you with every share you make. Her light is visible in your participation in life!

      I guarantee you, she’s proud of you, loving you always.

      Big hug! Thank you for stopping by.

      Will listen to song. Will be thinking about you my friend. 🙂

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    1. Don’t worry… my discipline means more that I have to follow through. I’m well aware about the rigidness that can limit you.

      That ain’t me. I don’t want to change… I want to get better.

      This is just a reflection to help me get there and hopefully entertain, inspire.

      You’re super for responding. 😉

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  6. superwifeandmummy

    My lovely Mel.

    1. I love this new project. I shall be your biggest and most vocal fan and supporter.
    2. You are extremely special and unique.
    This innate uniqueness you have is what makes you endearing, addictive, readable , unputdownable.
    Please, unless you wish to radically change yourself to become an- in- heavy-bold -quotation-marks “author” don’t change anything about yourself and your style.
    3. Take all critiques with a pinch of salt as some may be genuine, some may come from a duplicitous place of envy.
    4. I am not an expert, nor am I an author, an editor, a publisher or a literary critic.
    But I know you have already got something special . It’s unlike anyone else and it’s your golden ticket.
    Are you going to put that golden ticket in a golden cage and suspend it from your ceiling looking up at it, getting a crick in your neck while trying simultaneously to type authorly pieces?
    Or are you going to use that gift of a golden ticket to take you to your dreams and beyond?

    Some loving advice from someone who thinks you’re fab X

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    1. LOL from happiness! You’re so adorable! This is the passion that I love about you.

      We are very similar. Your support means a great deal. What, who I’m reading only add, but ain’t changing.

      You shall see where I’m going with it.
      There is way too much fiction in my head to let anyone say… hey you’re doing this wrong!

      All my characters will come out and clover them.

      I just want to be better, not perfect, not rigid, better.

      Right now my problem would be that I need a kick in the ass sometimes and not to be so, “oh who cares” all the time.

      But, I’m like Matl, no one can change me. 😉

      Your love is amazing and I won’t let you down. 😉

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      1. I know I’ve got some British in me. All the Britcoms I watched growing up. I was certain I was born on the wrong side of the pond. I think for a moment my family maybe got confused with my being hooked on Dr. Who episodes and Black Adder episodes. I can still hear my Mother’s confused voice asking me what on earth I was watching, in her beautiful Spanish. 😉

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  7. Mel, I might give you a message from time to time. This will be about writing. I’ve noticed that you tend to be tangential. This means you start with thematic intent, but veer into a myriad of ideas and notions. To remedy this, take a prompt, a thematic idea, limit your words to below 500 and see if you can produce a post that stays on topic. Do not get metafiction (talking to yourself in a post, unless it supports the theme) After your done with it, check it twice, like Santa. You must stay on course or you will not reach your goal. I’m on your side!! An overactive imagination is a gift, but it also can work against you when staying true to your topic. Good luck! Just put this comment in your trash bin after you’ve read it. Like it’s Mission Impossible.

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