100 DoRaM: Day 3 – Reverie

Something that saves you.

Around five years ago, I came across an American alternative band that was mostly known for one song. Awolnation. That song has become a timeless classic, a melodic embrace of a repetitive melody that punches you in the gut… Sail. I really like the song. (I’m totally Taylor Swifting it! I know.) A grown woman like me going mad like a stoner (Does that even make sense?) over such loud noise. It was my drug of choice that one song. I became intoxicated with the lyrical madness of it. The lead singer, Aaron Bruno, came up with the melody first. He then added the lyrics and voila! I began to journal like crazy after that. I drove my family nuts, playing it over, and over again until… I’m still playing it. What kind of Mom blasts such a thing? What kind of wife? Who are you Mel? I couldn’t help it. (Tangent: Woman Woman is also one of their greats. (Amazing video!) It got me writing Matl’s parents’ love story. Damn! I need more time! Can’t wait to polish that one up!)

The thing with listening to music and getting lost in reverie, is just that. You’re in the safety of your head. Nothing can happen to you except for a disconnect from reality. I needed that, to survive her loss. It was difficult to lose someone while having to deal with normal. How does one do that? You dream or you die inside. At least that’s how it was for me. Yes… the reverie began after she was gone. What was I before she fluttered away? I’m not sure I was alive. She breathed life into me, making me dream a waking dream.  That’s all I had left, dreams… my dreams in journals. My drug of choice, my vice, the reverie of song. Now it feeds me, inspires me altering my dreams into stories, alternate realities.

When you’re in a state of reverie, nothing exists except what you create and that is so comforting to me. I know that I can disconnect and catch my breath, always able to come back to life. It’s reassuring. The world you’ve written comes to life only in your head. Everyone you love is safe from it. Those you love smile but they have no idea. Those who are shocked, wonder if you’ve gone crazy. I haven’t. I’m normal other than I talk to my fiction. But that’s how it is. They come to life, you bring them to life. Only to be controlled by you. It’s powerful. It’s not madness. Is it? No. It’s reverie in the sweetest form.

Huge thanks for reading. I mean humongous thanks!!!!!!

Divergent thoughts…

(Hey! Listen to Knights of Shame if you’re brave enough and try not to dance.)

(This post is what happens when you’re only getting three hours of sleep at night. Ugh! But… I’m determined to make it to 100)

(Keep your eye out for another Vampira post this weekend. Yay! I’m doing what I can folks.)

(Met Ward Clever via the beautiful Maria tonight and my Niece finally got on to WP. Hmm… this is going to be interesting. Crazy reverie stuff on the horizon y’all.)

(I’m shocked! Day 3 and only 542 words! Unacceptable! There… more words. I’m such a rebel!)

16 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 3 – Reverie

  1. Music music music,tome is connected to any emotion and any memory in good and in bad.There is music I can always listen to and there is music is banned from my hears on those days I don’t want to remember.I loved your post.

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  2. I love Sail. And too could play it over and over, though the first time I heard it was as a cover version. Blew me away. If I feel ANYTHING, it usually consumes me, whether it be a positive or negative feeling, and I’m getting the vibe that you’re like that too 😉 I look forward to reading some more. And seeing your song choices. P.S. Superwifemummy brought me here 😉

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  3. superwifeandmummy

    I’m about to try and sleep but wanted to come back and comment .
    I see the vipers have not visited this time. They fear me and my biting defence of your sexy, authoristic prowess.
    Beautiful piece today. I felt like you breathed your feelings at me. Gorgeous, heartbreaking, hopeful.
    I haven’t posted or spoken at length about it, I’ve just mentioned it here and there; perhaps because I don’t know how to verbalise it but …music for me is my life force.
    I am a singer. As much as you call me a poet, my voice for me belts out 100 times more powerfully than my poems.
    When I sing a song I love I suppose, yes-it’s a reverie of religious proportions.
    Thank you for this post. Can’t wait for tomorrow

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  4. This comment is on my phone, so it probably won’t do this post justice.
    First, thank you for the shout out! I’m happy to have met you and interacted so much so quickly. I like that!
    Second, I am simply going to have to deep dive your blog to understand you better. I feel like I’m missing something.
    Third, I love that song too! We used to play it all the time, constantly, until other songs took its place in the rotation in my “station” of life.
    This post is like a magazine! I can’t wait to read all the sections from it. 😊❤

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  5. I’m reading your story, I’m cooking up a batch of Chow Mein, I’m feeding Lily , I’m playing my music loudly, Hunters & Collectors(Great old Aussie Band), and at my desk typing away as frantically fast as I can, Totally loving your story, and I’m sure in another universe we’re twins. Whoops, best I check the Chow Mein, before I f***ing burn it’s bum…… 3 hours sleep is fine, I lived on it for 30 years, and I’m no more crazy now, than I was 40 years ago…. well that’s my opinion…. Well time for my tucker, then after, I’ve gotta write a sequel poem to “My Dragon”, my readers aren’t happy, with my Dragon about to die !! , and here I go dancing off to the kitchen, to the beat of “Talking To A Stranger”, have a listen Mel….. See ya, “Ivor The Dragon Slayer”

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