100 DoRaM: Day 4 – Tendresse


Hubby says it. 

I say it.  


General Public dates me way back I’m sure.  But don’t you just love it!  It makes me feel so good when I listen to it.  My imagination goes wild.  (I have two short stories that feature and were inspired by this song.  I’m going to publish them on the blog at some point.)


Why is French so damn beautiful and poetic!  Jacque Brel  is amazing and this classic always makes me smile. Hope it does you too.

Jacques Brel’s Tendresse  (English Translation by http://lyricstranslate.com/en/la-tendresse-tenderness.html)

For a little tenderness
I would give the diamonds
That the devil caresses
In my treasure chests
Why do you think my lady
That the sailors at the port
Empty their moneybags
To offer treasures
To false princesses
For a little tenderness
For a little tenderness
I would change my face
I would change my drunkenness
I would change my language
Why do you think my lady
That at the height of their songs
Emperors and minstrels
Often abandon
Powers and riches
For a little tenderness
For a little tenderness
I would offer you the time
That remains of youth
To the ending summer
Why do you think my lady
That my song climbs
Towards the delicate lace
That dances on your forehead
Leant towards my distress

For a little tenderness

Keeping it short and sweet.

Wanted to try something different.  Just to break things up a bit.

When I write my love stories (even in the Vampira posts) and when I hug and kiss my loved ones, tenderness always resonates.

Can’t live without it and I’m wishing lots of tenderness in your every day lives, loves and friendships.

Hope you liked these two musical takes on tenderness.

Hope this made you smile and made your heart swell a little.

Special thanks to my lovely man for providing the male voice on the French pronunciation of tendresse.

This post is dedicated to the loves of my life.

Thanks for reading and listening.

19 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 4 – Tendresse

  1. superwifeandmummy

    Beautiful lyrics my love. Love your voice.
    I like this short and sweet you, too.
    I didn’t lose any of the Mel oomph. Just like a shot of tequila.


      1. superwifeandmummy

        Just step back. Think of anything and everything else and you’ll be unblocked soon.
        Maybe a huge, enormously amazing thing is queuing up to get out and blocking the path of everything else!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh yes Mel, i’m definitely feeling the tenderness, and your songs were sweet and tender, and with some general kindness sprinkled over us as well. So I’ll return the tenderness, with the first verse of Leonard Cohen’s. “Dance Me To The End Of Love”, a gorgeously tender love song.
    Dance me to your beauty
    with a burning violin
    Dance me through the panic
    till I’m gathered safely in
    Lift me like an olive branch
    and be my homeward dove
    Dance me to the end of love

    Liked by 1 person

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