100 DoRaM: Day 5 – Delicious

Something tasty, savory, sweet… a kiss.

During dinner last night, which I cooked, I heard delicious. (I know.  I cook too? Thank you. Yes. I’m so wonderfully talented. You may stop clapping now.) One singer came to mind. Lana Del Rey. Her voice is sultry deliciousness. If I were I guy, I’d so be lusting after her. But I’m not.  I am getting lost in the deliciousness of her voice. Listening to the sexy tones of her song West Coast. Closing my eyes, swaying to the intensity of her lips moving, mouthing her message. Powerful. Isn’t that the amazing thing about music! You can get lost in it, savoring the beat with your ears causing your head to spin. Sounds like I might be on drugs. It is a drug. Lana… she’s the perfect drug with the voice of an angel and the tones of a sexy vixen. Can’t go wrong if you want to set the mood for love or if you want to set the mood for the loss of a love. It works both ways with her soulful, sexy voice. Oh! True story. Once I listened to her song Blue Jeans for days without listening to anything else. I think I took a hit for five days straight of that song. This was right after my Awolnation phase. I was writing heavily, getting lost in delicious scenes… spicy and achy.  Thank you Lana.

Delicious. It’s a meal well prepared. That first taste of a moist cake. Maybe even that veggie casserole you thought you wouldn’t like. If it tickles the senses just the right way… you’re in.  Last night I made spaghetti for dinner. Delicious. It’s a very simple dish except you have to get the sauce right. It’s all in the sauce. I guess that jar I bought at the grocery store did the trick but I’m not telling.  I just smiled and served the seconds patting myself on the back, closing the trash bag as quickly as possible. Our secret. (Insert sexy mama wink here.)

The word also caresses out of your mouth almost as if you’re eating it as you say it. Try it. Say it. You’ll see. See! Your tongue moves in and out from touching your teeth and your lips pucker a little at the end. The sound resonates in the mist of your ears. The compliment echoes. It echoes unless you’re kissing someone. Then delicious becomes a most warm sensation in your belly. I remember that first kiss.  The unexpected warmth, newness, life exploding into tiny little pieces of nectar in your mouth. Tongues dancing… No. They’re doing more than that.  They’re connecting, touching, communicating. Delicious.

A meal? A meal of love. It is one of my favorite words to use when describing anything that affects me deeply. So, no… not just for a meal. When I’m emotional, things become delicious to me. A delicious view during a romantic date. A delicious ache.  When you want someone so much it hurts. That is such a delicious pain. I like to bleed that on the page when I write. Even if you’ve never lived such a life of delicious achiness, you know it’s in you. You know because you’re alive. You must know the feeling. I think everyone has experienced it. That first kiss, that bliss aching in you while you make love. That hurt when you look at someone and you know they were meant for you but they look the other way. Still the anticipation of that possibility that they may feel the same way… delicious. Breathe. I know it’s intense. That’s how delicious it is.

Now… He sees her and she sees him. Their eyes locking in, speechless and loud. She licks her lips. Delicious. He bites his lip. Delicious. An achy delicious flutter in their bellies pulls them towards each other. Their noses touching, their breaths caressing their faces – it’s delicious to wait there… wait. She swallows her breath right before his lips begin to caress hers. His arms squeezing her body against his. Her fingers through his hair as they delicately and deliciously disappear into their first kiss, a perfect meal, delicious in every way. Yum!

Thank y’all so much for reading.

14 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 5 – Delicious

  1. Oh Mel, you’re made my Chow Mein, that having for my diner tonight, look very ordinary, compared to your delicious culinary delights, along with the fabulous music of Lana Del Rey….And I’m fascinated how you did the media link by just using the “song title”, very clever of you. Loved your alluring finale, as I moistened my lips with anticipation. haha and as I was dreaming of my sexy idol, Deborah Harry……..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. superwifeandmummy

    You are a naughty little minx.
    I like this word a lot. I love the way you’ve spoken about it. Very Mel.
    I love the phonaesthetics of the word, it sounds like it was made to describe love and lust and longing and aching for that one touch. And we just BORROW it to talk about food because some food is imbued with that all encompassing sensation of delicious and so we say, “mmmm, delicious. ”

    You think like lover, you write like a magician and you exude sensuality from every, single, syllable

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XX… You’re sweet. I might agree but I’m too sleepy.

      I’m glad you liked it. I’m not planning these. I just hope they come out alright. The whole idea is for me to open up to you all on a personal level and practice my writing. I hope people will enjoy it.

      What do you think of the multi media posts? I want to do it more but only for this project.

      Much love! Have a lovely Monday! 🙂


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