Kissing Your Ears

I really do love music and it’s part of my dreaming, writing process.  This wonderful wonder from Bryan Ferry is my all time favorite ballad.  Timeless softness, sexy and warm.  Doesn’t get any better than this.  Quick! Kiss already!

– Sharing this with you is so deliciously fun!  Let me know if you like these little kisses of music by commenting.  I’ll do more.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Love y’all!


39 thoughts on “Kissing Your Ears

      1. You’re amazing and I’m thrilled how we have the music connection as well. Peace and lots of hugs. Still have to find out about the Dragon. I’ll catch up tonight.

        Stay cool sweet man! 🙂


      1. Ha, I’m hardly the first person to post music. Sometimes musical choices are more revealing than writing.
        You add something to it. In these shorter pieces, and in your DoRaM posts where you blow me away. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. When I saw yours embedded, I was like.. What? You can do this? If you want to laugh check out my lame attempt to do this on the Vampira theme song post

        It took me twenty minutes to figure out how to do it the other night, Saturday. It was so easy. LOL… I felt like such a dork!


      1. Check your email.

        You have a crazy talent. I’m still recovering from the experience you gave me the privilege of hearing.

        Who are you and why… Why are you hiding!

        I just adore you!

        True love… truly!


      2. superwifeandmummy

        I’m pretty sure that was one of the best reactions to my singing, ever!
        Thank you infinitely for your words.
        I’ll email you more in depth
        I’m not really hiding. I have sung, as a job. I loved it. It gave me the breath of life.
        Life changes though. There are other options for me now, I’m sure.
        I’ll work it out.
        You didn’t laugh at my Spanish! Whoo hoo!!!


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