100 DoRaM: Day 7 – Ivor Steven

I was thinking about Ivor today. About his life. About his past. I consider him a light in the blogosphere we’re in. I love his wit and his sweet disposition. He’s cheerfulness and his melancholy. Loss is our connection, love is our passion. That’s how I feel about him. He’s touched my life in such a lovely way. I didn’t expect it. But if you haven’t had a chance to visit his lovely world, his poetic heart, do it. You must. He’s full of love, all that remains when you lose someone you love dearly. Present tense, because you never stop loving them. It builds up in your belly up towards your throat and the tears push through like heroes, like chards of glass, salty. The ache is both throbbing and cathartic.

Ivor I’m dedicating this post to you because I think of you often dear sweet man. I love seeing you around wherever I go to read. I am always so delighted to see you, bump into you. You make me smile, you’ve touched me and surely have touched others. There is a reason you’re here, we’re here you and I at opposite ends of the world linked by the same thread that created life and ended it.

The song is one that you and I both like and maybe can relate to. I love Leonard Cohen as do you. The tango is beautifully done with his song. Don’t you think? Love intertwined with perfect symphony of movement. Just like your heart dear friend. Please forgive me if I’ve made you a little sad. I know far too well how that goes but… I had to acknowledge you. I had to let everyone know about you, about what you’ve brought to my life. It’s been a short while, but it feels like we’ve been connected for a long time. We probably have and it has led us here.

Just know that these reflections of mine, you’ve enhanced. You’ve touched a life, mine. You’ve done it. She’s done it with you. I don’t think she’s really gone. I’m sure you’ll agree.  She’s there with you, when you write your beautiful poems, your intense melancholy. She’s there and you are in my heart, dear friend.

I wish you a heart that continues to love, a life that continues to share and an eternity of happiness. Death is not the end. It’s the continuation of love built up inside us.

Thanks so much for reading.

17 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 7 – Ivor Steven

  1. Oh Dear Mel, I’m overcome, and humbled, by your beautiful reverent words, and of course this old softie over here, has plenty a tear in his eyes, you’ve emotionally touched me “totally” , so many kind words, “Sweet Child Of Mine”, We both have had our trials in life, but what a way to learn about true love, and you’re so right, our love never leaves us…… gosh, off to have a shower to wash my Liquid Joy off my smiling cheeks. Incredible you should’ve written your article today. I’m going out for diner to meet up with my special friends. These special friends, were Carole’s besties, and most of all, they would come around and pick Carole up, in her wheelchair and all, and have a mischievous girls night out. These wonderful angels did this on a regular basis all through the years of Carole’s MS…… haha, I’ve run out of f–king tissues here…… Anyhow, so now me and Carole’s “crew” meet up at least 6 times a year, in honour our glorious Lady….. oh humbug …. best I spruce up before they see me in tears…… Always thinking of you Mel, my long distance love for you can’t be an stronger …. Keep shining , and stay healthy and happy. xx

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    1. Ivor, you mean a lot to me. I hope I did not over step my boundaries with you but like I told Maria, it was one of those things that was in me. I had to let you know. My way of thanking you. Your an amazing person! I hope we can be friends for a long time. 🙂

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      1. Friends forever, like blood brothers !! I showed your article to a couple of the “Crew” tonight, and they smiled at me, in acknowledgement, and that was a nice compliment. No, you didn’t overstep Mel, you made me feel warm and fuzzy !!, and I cry at the drop of a hat anyhow…… haha, you owe me a box of tissues…..

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