100 DoRaM: Day 12 – Heartache

I had another topic in mind for day 12 but I’ve got heartache on the brain. I’m going to attack it with vicious attitude. I’m losing my mind with the idea! How? How can you do that to someone? How can you finish, abuse, eradicate a heart so loving so wanting of affection? It baffles me! I’m not perfect and I’ve done my share of hurting and vise-versa but I know what love is. Its sacrifice, work and effort and it should not be one sided. But when it is, what is left for us to do? What? Trying to wrap my head around it. Can’t. I can’t because my situation is not that. I’m happy and everything is fine with me, not perfect, but good, solid, loving. I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to have a severely broken heart but I understand how it can happen. I’ve seen it.

I’m in tears imagining a little heart torn in half, torn in all directions, lost. I want to reach that heart and let them know, they can be found again. They can. F*** everyone! Rise above it! Become something stronger, better, wiser, more loving still! Burst out with love for everyone. Smile. Change course, try something you’ve never done before, derail. See what happens. Go for it. Can’t get any worse. Wake the hell up of the one that is hurting you. Have them take a closer look at you, your courage, your audacity. Screw it! You only have one life! Live it with love and kick the ass that has you beaten down in the balls! Do it! What have you got to lose. You’ve already lost yourself. Can’t get any worse.

I wish I had the power to unleash a force to save everyone who is suffering right now. Love is so powerful that the hurt from it cuts you up. The scars are deep, I get it. There isn’t an antiseptic strong enough to heal it but there is time. There is effort, not giving up, not surrendering, fighting. It can be done. We still go to sleep at night. We wake up in the morning and we do all these things we have to do. So… what does that mean? We’re capable, strong, resilient, elastic!

Love you all.  Thank you for reading and listening.

12 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 12 – Heartache

  1. superwifeandmummy

    Stunning. Every day I think I’ve read my favourite one then another one comes along. You are unbelievable. I know for a fact there will be people who will read this and will feel that you are fighting for them and for their pain and their shredded heart. Maybe you have got that super power you want because your words ‘do’. The make us feel things; they’re not just letters on a page. You imbue everything with your magic and this touched me.
    I love this song but it was a distant whistled tune compared to your symphony of love for everyone who has ever been hurt

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    1. I never know what I will write about but as I wrote… I had to stop and change course as the evening turned into a bit of a war for me.

      I’m not pretending to know better but trying to be encouraging. Life’s just too short to drown in heartache. The heart is to love, to invigorate, to conquer. We can do it!

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