Hello beautiful loves!  Just wanted to give a little update.  (I personally find these updates a little boring so I’ll keep it short.  I need to show you not tell you.)

I am getting really close to my goal of completing Part 1 of Some Kind of Heaven (Previously MATL), MATL BOOK 1.  Therefore, I will be removing the Matl-isms from the blog by this weekend.  If you haven’t read them and would like to read and give some feedback, please do so by this Saturday.  They will no longer be posted on the blog after that.  I’m thinking of doing something special for you all because you’ve been so wonderful with me and supporting this crazy fiction in my head!  Thank you.

More to come on that.  That’s all for now.  Hope y’all are having a great whatever!

I’ll leave you with a treat.  One of my favorite Matl songs.  Yes my novel has a soundtrack.  This is also one of my favorite Bachata dance couples.  Hope you like it.

Love y’all.  Thanks for reading/listening.


9 thoughts on “Matl-isms…

      1. superwifeandmummy

        Your post about SKOH.
        I’m excited.
        I’ll have to watch the bachata on my computer , it won’t play on my phone 😕
        Also I felt smug because I’ve read everything about Matl!

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      2. I thought I’d wait to see if anyone might want to give some feedback. I’m nervous. Every time I get close to being done, I kind of freeze and I go over the thing again. Honestly I’m a bit of a mess.

        I should email you.


  1. Hi Mel, thanks for crazy update. I’m on the train to Melbourne, to watch my niece April singing in a little opera called La Voix Humaine, it’s a one singer at time, on the phone, only goes for 40mins, and April has a lead role, should be very interesting, only a small theatrette , a standing audience of only 10 to 15, so very close up and personal. I’ll send you some links tomorrow. … scom xo

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