Charlie Dreams

I miss her so much. I’m overwhelmed. I can’t sleep without her. I can’t… I can’t breathe. Mel! She’s busy right now. Distracted. Damn that WordPress! I hate her right now anyway. I have a sick feeling deep down in my stomach. The word is ache. Damn! I miss kissing her breasts. I miss the scent of her neck, the way she wiggled up to me in bed after… after making love. I miss her. I miss all of her. Angela… an angel. What did I do? Why did I do it? I have to get over this. Grab your balls man. Get up. Don’t do this to your… Feeling tired, though. Feeling… sleepy.


“Hi Charlie.”

That smile. Jesus! Those lips.

“You look stunning.”

“Awe… thanks sweet man. Come kiss me.”

“I can kiss you?”

“Of course you can! You’re my husband.”

“Angela… don’t play with me. It will break me.”

“Come here love.”

God! She feels so good. She smells… Oh God!

“Angela, I love you!”

Kissing her now. I can’t believe her mouth, her body against mine. She feels…


“Say you love me.”

“I love you. I do love you.”

“I miss you so much.”

“I’m here love. I’m here.”

“I want to make love to you. I want you to feel me, feel how much I love you.”

“Take me. Take me Charlie. I love you, I want you too.”

My heart is racing! Her body! God! Oh… how I missed her touching me like this. She’s incredible kissing my chest. Yes… grabbing her. I love these lips! I love them!



I’m inside her now and I want to explode! She’s so tender, so nice. The love… my love! God! Yes! Yes! I love this so much! Touching her… her breasts, her belly. She’s so beautiful. So… God!





“Charlie! Charlie! Fucking wake up! Charlie!”

“Huh… Gary?”

“What the hell has happened to you this week! We’ve been trying to reach you. What the fuck Charlie!”

No! It was real! She was here! We made love. We…

“Damn it Charlie! Hey… snap out of it! Have you been drinking.”

“Fuck! Why’d you slap me!”

“Earth to Charlie. Remember the Phillips deal! Remember they want you to front the second proposal. On your terms! Remember?”


“Charlie, how much have you had to drink?”

“I don’t drink… do I?”

“I don’t know man! Did you take medication? Have you been sick? Fuck sakes man! Get rid of that boner and let’s go!”

Shit. Rushing to the bathroom. My hair’s different. Pink? There’s no pink. Work. Have to get to work. That was some dream. My tooth-brush… one tooth-brush. Why does the bathroom seem so unfamiliar? We didn’t have grey tiles. Did we? We?

“Charlie! Hurry up man!”

Right. Shake it off Charlie! Pick a suit. I don’t remember buying any of these. Why do I have so many, I only…


“The bedroom.”


“It looks different.”

“Did you redecorate?”

“I’m not sure. Um…”

“Must have been some night.”


“I’m just saying. It’s been a long time for you. Maybe she was just what you needed. You think she slipped you something?”

“What are you talking about!”

“The girl you went out with a couple of weeks ago. Remember? You kept talking about her all day after.”

“The girl… I remember. A girl. Yes. Denise?”

“Denise… right. She was sweet. Ah… she came by last night. Didn’t she?  Is she the reason you’ve been out all week.”


I feel strange. I remember her but… I don’t. Weird.

“Man Charlie! This fucking place blows! You need to move into the city. It took me forty minutes to get here on the expressway. This is not a chick magnet by any means.”

“Chick magnet?”

“Charlie… you could be living the life! But the suburbs? Come on! Are you serious?”

What the hell is Gary talking about? He’s married and lives right…

“You’re not married.”

“Of course not. I think we’ve had this discussion before. I’m never getting married. Ever! I like my life. I don’t need anyone weighing me down.”

What is wrong with me? That dream must have messed me up! Wait… the living room.  It’s…

“Is this my living room?”

“It’s your fucking house! Charlie… would you like me to take you to a doctor? I can call Becca.”

“Becca? I remember Becca.”

“Great. At least you remember Becca. Let’s go. We’ll get coffee on the way. Double shot for you!”

This is my house but it looks different… like something’s missing. What is wrong with you Charlie? Snap out of it! Deep breath, shaking it off.



“Umm… nothing. I had a very strong dream last night.”

“Well… a good dream can mess you up really well.  You’re awake now.”

“I’m… I’m awake now.”

© 2017 Mel Gutiér


Feel like you’re missing something?  Check out the Charlie posts on my blog.  He’s got his own little nook now.


42 thoughts on “Charlie Dreams

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  2. Gary is hilarious, although he’s a buzzkill lol. He reminds me of the friend who sees the potential in everyone, lives with a sense of urgency, and pushes his circle (Charlie) to become better at life; he cares. Reading about Gary gives me more insight into Charlie about his absolute love for Angela and the way he seems to cope with the whole situation with her. I think you came in at such a unique angle while keeping Charlie’s madness at the forefront; it was subtle, but very effective. P.S. the love making scenes are always a sweetner, love it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. superwifeandmummy

    What the f*** did I just read?
    Are you parallel reality-ing us right now? Because if you are I will take you against the wall now woman!
    Just brilliant. I’m sorry I ever called him an asshole in the very beginning, by the way. I’m really feeling his angst and pain.
    You’re so GOOD! !

    Liked by 1 person

      1. superwifeandmummy

        Just because I am listening to it now and I love it, have you heard Rockabye baby by Sean Paul?
        If you haven’t, listen to it. FYI, I love that type of music. 😉


  4. This one, Charlie is so confused and befuddled. We don’t know what he actually did, or where he’s been, and your inner voice did not make an appearance – probably adding to his confusion, as you have a calming effect. Mostly. On him. 😉

    I like this still, and it raises a lot of questions that I want answered. Curious.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, What’s happening to my poor Charlie, which dream is he in, and why are you messing with him so much, who’s dreaming, you or Charlie !! Oh what crazy mixed up dreams we are all living in , and I love Angela so much. Oh, I suppose I’ll wake-up sooner or later. Then I’ll find out what’s real and what’s not………

    Liked by 1 person

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