While at a soccer game

I’m at my middle child’s soccer game, half time.  Beautiful fall Texas weather, sad tired faces.  This team is tough and they are down 0 to 1.

I’m struggling.  This is a life learning experience and you have to suck it up. My husband is coach and boy is he being real right now!  He’s toughening them up.  It’s working and they’re riled up by the fact that they’re losing.

There is no fiction in this.  My daughter and my husband humble me.  Earlier this morning I was complaining how tiring it was to pull weeds at my daughter’s school. I’m ashamed.  These girls got it worse.  No way I could do what they’re doing now.  It’s inspiring.  This is a lesson in tenacity.  I’m in awe.

Almost published.  2nd half update: 1-1.  Damn my hubby is so good at getting to them to change course.  Life is intense and lovely! I’m lucky.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

Love y’all!

8 thoughts on “While at a soccer game

  1. It’s Grand Final weekend here in our footy codes, Aussie rules, and Rugby League, I enjoy watching them both. I’m totally relating to your Husband’s coaching efforts, I did lots of junior footy coaching back in my days…. and have many fond memories, and my Footy Club is still a huge put of my life….scom..

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