100 DoRaM: Day 19 – Dreaming Big

A conversation with GoesWellWithCoffee brought me back to reality tonight. I was floating on a cloud of naivety thinking big on connections and the meaning behind them. But honestly… what do those really mean? I mean we’re all here for different reasons. I should really get back to mine. The thing is… I didn’t expect to care so much about these connections. These connections that have lifted me and brought me out of my shell. I’m learning. I’m learning. For me they mean I’m alive. I feel, I sense, I get it. A fast friend called me an empath in between jokes. The lining of their affection was thick but then I think I broke it a bit. I liked it. I liked that I could do that. This place is magical, it’s bewitching even. My reality is that I’ve been tainted and I’ve grown. Thanks for helping me see that Maria.

Back to reality. Why am I here?

I came here to promote my novel and what has been happening is that I’ve fallen in love with everyone and everything here. I had no idea I would end up writing flash fiction, connecting with so many on different levels, getting more emotional over a song than I used to and learning so much from so many of you. I’ve thanked you before but I’m telling you again, THANK YOU. Promoting my work is so fun and I love the experience so far. I would not trade this for anything. I’m not saying I’m done and I’m off to Hollywood now… I’m just saying, that’s my dream. If and when it does happen, you are all coming with me. At some point, I want to meet you, shake your hand and hug the living daylights out of you. Until then…

I have a feeling I will stumble and fall a great deal more before getting there. But that’s okay. I like falling. I like it because it’s over something I love, writing. I hope that the true friendships I’ve built so far will let me fall and encourage me to get up again. I’m okay scraping my knees a bit. I’m alright breaking down. I’m in for getting my heart broken, my mind torn, I’m in. I’m in because I will be better after that. I will. I’m excited for it. Let me fall. I’ll be okay.

The meaning behind all this is lost in translation somewhere between what I came here to do and what I’ve discovered about myself. I like falling. I like falling hard because it makes me feel alive. It’s a cut, a scrape that leaves such a gash, corrupting me every which way. I’m a mess but then, when the time comes, I’ll peel off the healing scab. It’s going to hurt but the healing will be so precious. That new skin will be thick and strong, no scrapes. My own family may not even recognize me. But then I hope I will surprise everyone in a good way. I hope I get to meet GoesWellWithCoffee on the director’s chair or the producer’s chair (Why not?) in a studio in Hollywood or on location in Texas. I’d love to co-write something romantic and quirky for TV.  That’s such a fun dream! That’s why I’m here. I want to make my dreams come true and in the meantime, I don’t mind making connections. It just makes realizing my dream, sweeter.

(I just read this over. Did all of that even make sense? Ugh! I’ve got to plan these from now on! LOL.  And YES!  I’m a big fan of GoesWellWithCoffeeSo sue me for fan-girling the blush into his virgin cheeks (*wink*).  I love his style of writing and I love that he’s not tainted by anything.  He’s original and real.  You will all be sorry if you don’t go and follow him right now!  Big things are coming from that one. I feel it.  I’m kind of hoping I get invited to all his milestones as a writer… maybe even his wedding.  Or his baby’s baptism?  Not sure what he’s got going on there but I’m in for whatever!  You got that Coffee!(That’s what I decided to call you.  Hope you’re okay with that.) Pat on the back for this tangent of ginormous proportion. (Mel, end this now woman!))

Love y’all.

Thank you so much for reading and listening.


29 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 19 – Dreaming Big

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  2. We love you, Mel! Of course I’m blushing!
    The core message of your post was such an eye-opener for me, reality being at the forefront.The beauty is that you’re documenting this from the get-go, as per your voice recording says, “warts and all,” to (our) said conversation of walking on red. I too, like everyone else here, can’t wait to give you a huge hug and it would be devastating not having you in the community (post fame 😉 ) but boy, will we be proud! I think what also makes you so good is your empathy, you connect on such a high level, you nurture the best out of everyone to give it their all; your comment box is just full of love, it’s undeniable. Please don’t ever lose sight of your dream, actually, I won’t let you. I’m all in too, with you, plus, I’ve heard battle scars are attractive 😉
    Much, much love, Mel, I have so much to learn from you!

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    1. Wow! I didn’t love you before… I do now! A whole lot!

      I’m so humbled. Really? You’re so sweet. I’m learning. We’ll learn together. Then we’ll have a fancy dinner somewhere and laugh at how cool it was to document our beginnings. I’m hoping by then, you will have documented your love story in real life. I want to meet your kids. 😉😘

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  3. When you fall I will catch you.
    In fact, a lot of us will. You are loved and we all want to see you happy. You are doing what it takes to make a living at writing, and you HAVE what it takes. You’re talented, and you connect with all sorts of different people.

    You are stage diving into a crowd of admirers and fans and friends. We won’t let you down, I won’t let you down, because you’ve never let me down.

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  4. Loved this post! It’s so full of your energetic personality! I need to go check out this mister’s blog, I kept getting distracted when I tried yesterday! Youre gonna go far, Mel! And yeah, don’t worry about the grazes, we’ve got the first aid kit and tasty foods at the ready! X

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  5. being here is in some way or all connecting with a world full of possibilities. the words to follow gain another meaning and meaning when we discover diversity and it is it that will make us grow as long as we accept it as it is.

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  6. Oh wow, Supermaria said all the superlatives that I was going to spread all over your superpersonality, and I like everyone else that reads your superstories, we are all superthrilled for you…… xx

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  7. superwifeandmummy

    Awww you are soooooo YOU. Do you understand that? You are unapologetically you and that is why everyone loves you so much and is so enamoured by every word you write and every kind , sexy, heartfelt word you have to say to us.
    Your future is bright, I told you that a long time ago and I believe it even more now. Whatever you’ve changed into or been tainted by is all enmeshed in who you already are and you are becoming richer for it. Hurry up tomorrow, I want another one of these. .😡

    Sending love as always ❤

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