100 DoRaM: Day 22 – Bits of me

I did not know I could follow myself on WP. I’m happy to inform all of you that I am officially following my own blog. I feel that it’s a natural progression in this blogosphere. You start a blog, you go crazy with whirlwind love affairs(reading other blogs that is) and flirting in the comments. You owe people tissue boxes, you fangirl other talented bloggers (*wink*), other bloggers owe you tissues, late night conversations with people you admire make you dream even bigger dreams, new people feel compelled to click on follow (for me… who knows why, because nobody tells me), excitement flows with all the commenting and exchanging of ideas, music connections make you feel like flying high and then you follow yourself. Only natural.

I’m amazed how many of you are stopping by. I’m truly humbled. Honestly, this is a lot of fun. I love having conversations like this. You know, where I talk and you listen. I just love that. (Heh… heh, heh…)

Today I was whisking, emulsifying I believe is the correct culinary term, a vinaigrette dressing. I use this tiny measuring cup with a tiny whisk, thin and long. I kept looking at the violence in the container as I molded the molecules until there was this cloudy liquid, oil and vinegar, no longer resisting each other. I was mesmerized and I thought about myself that way. I’m like all these different bits. I’ve been violently trying to mix them all together into one fluid me. I don’t know what the end result will be but I hope I’m alive to experience it. LOL

Well… that’s pretty much it for day 22. I’m sure you have better things to do, other bloggers to read. I’m ready for bed wanting to write but finding sleep a necessary part of my journey. In about three hours I will wake up, to make breakfast, make school lunches, chauffeur professional learners to school, get ready for my day by dragging my ass to work and slowly but surely collect the little bits of me left behind from the previous day. The cubes will seem glim, friends will smile and I’ll smile back as always but I will dream WP during the day. I will breathe in thoughts of my novel waiting for me at home, like a pet who’s been neglected. The journey seems slow and long but I’m really enjoying it.

The music in my head has been very emotional and intense lately. I don’t want that for this post. The bits of me that collect the happy are begging for something upbeat. I’ve had a great conversation with a very talented friend (you know who you are) and it’s made the bits of me that dream big even stronger. These are the moments that make me feel like this is what I was meant to do. I won’t dwell on it any more. I just need to let it happen. I hope you don’t mind my filling you up with all of this but as you know I don’t plan these. They just happen. You all make it happen.

Love you all so much!!

Thanks so much for reading and listening.

(By the way… I messed up day 21. Ugh! I left out the first two lines of the lyrics which were important. I’ve updated it since if you’re interested in going back.)

42 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 22 – Bits of me

  1. 😂 You made me laugh out loud when you spoke about your favorite types of conversations!

    You’re so passionate about this place and writing and it absolutely shows in your posts, they’re so honest! Love it! 😄❤

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  2. The result of all that mixing and churning is something delicious, Mel. I’m in your cult, my condition, I’m burning, covering you in kisses. Hell, like a bolt of lightning, your elixir is turning me into a lover of your dishes.

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  3. superwifeandmummy

    Beautiful, agapi.
    You’re a true writer.
    I can see it. Yes, you are here talking with everyone, making connections and carrying those you deem worthy on a whirlwind of affection and compulsion that I know for a fact many people cannot resist. Finding the button in those people you choose and repeatedly pressing it so that they are forever under your spell. I’ve seen you do it and it’s a sight to behold. You are having beautiful conversations, resonant and emotional with other kindred spirits who I am sure are smitten with you beyond even their own awareness and all of these relationships you are collecting and nourishing feed you with irresistible emotion,love and connection. You are adored here
    It’s blatantly clear. The music you share and that others share with you here , deepens your connection and I’m sure pushes you further into new friendships, late night discussions and growing affections. All of this is part of you now. I don’t know how you were before, I don’t know a great deal about who you are now, but I know what I see and what I’m shown and what seeps through the tiny cracks of special relationships too full of emotion to remain contained. The people you have connected with here are surely in love with everything about you and words often speak in far, far louder volumes than we initially imagine
    I can only say, be happy. You’ve achieved a lot. You’ve taken people by storm and you know it. You’ve grabbed people and forced them to inevitably adore you and they do.
    You are a writer. You should dream bigger. It’s going to happen.
    I’m happy we met. But you know that ❤

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    1. Maria! My love! I’m going to marry you one day! I can’t live without you! I don’t know what law they’ll have to change for that but… I adore you.

      I can’t believe how much my life is so much better right now. I’m blessed with you’re friendship. I’m humbled that you allow me into your world with so much love.

      Now that I’m following myself, it’s kind of even more fun. It will certainly be easier to keep up with myself for sure. 😳😚😘😋

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