100 DoRaM: Day 23 – I’m here…

Can you imagine a shy fifteen year old girl, getting lost in vinyl and cassette tapes, begging her parents to take her to Bills Records and tapes, a vintage record store with all kinds of music, specifically alternative rock.  It was her favorite kind of music.  Her parents beside themselves, and because she was a good girl, indulged her.  She sampled all that she could, bought blank tapes to make mix tapes, dreamt up scenarios in her head, danced alone in her room and swallowed lyrics into her soul.  She lip synced and jumped on her bed, by herself, happy and free behind closed doors.  She lived in dreams and rock n’ roll silver linings.

I grew up listening heavily to what used to be alternative rock and seems now to be main stream.  U2 was one of my favorite bands and still is.  Gosh!  They’re rather timeless and perfect.  I remember closing my eyes while my parents argued and I would blast this song until I was lost in those streets happy and free dreaming of love and little girl crushes.  I was a nervous child and I needed it as an escape.  We all have “shit” in our lives, things aren’t perfect.  But then we have each other to lean on.  I’m here, my arms are open and so is my heart.

Love y’all.

Thanks so much for reading and listening.


40 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 23 – I’m here…

    1. I recommend not going to the reader for my posts but picking out what sticks out from the website. Just a thought. I’d be interested in getting your feed back for my Charlie posts. Kind of my favorite and I have big plans for those. Just if you want – that is let me boss you around your first day here. LOL. Have you read my day 25 LOL

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      1. Cool Ill take a look through the next day or two – was just having a browse. I’m always keen to read the things someone is most proud or evangelical about. They tend to tell you most about a person I find.

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      2. Well… I just love my Charlie and I love writing the male point of view. I like to get feedback from an actual male. LOL Thank you. I’ll more than likely be over to yours and Linda’s site tonight. I love both your heads!


  1. Sorry Mel, I’ve not been able to reply, I’ve been a bit consumed and overwhelmed by the events happening to my dearest niece who lives in Philadelphia, I’ll attach the link of her story. And tomorrow I’ll be back to normal, at the moment I’m basking myself in all of our families happiness of the success of the occasion xxx♡♡https://kerricostello.wordpress.com/2017/10/05/no-risk-no-reward-first-spinraza-treatment/

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  2. Music is my favorite drug. It lasts the longest, and has nearly no side effects.
    And from that time, a lot of memories… You make me nostalgic for those times and that music, but you make me wonder what it would have been like to know that fifteen year old. I would have been seventeen or eighteen. Lol

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      1. I would have gently put one finger under your chin and lifted your head, smiling and making you feel comfortable and safe. “It’s okay, ” I would say. “We are all shy inside.”
        And I would take your hand and dance with you to our own music.

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      1. I love our ages revealed like this. If anyone does the math by U2 and when the song came out. Lol.

        A threesome would not have been possible then. Clever and I would have had to baby sat you! 😄

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      2. Just listening to this song now. Little monkey loves it. I used to sing it with the Greek band. Somehow I think you’ll like it!

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  3. Love you and hugging you.

    Music is amazing. I used it, too. I still do. I wish I could find enough words to write a really good piece about music and why it’s so infused with magical powers.
    I like that you like ‘alternative ‘ rock. It adds a lot to you. For me anyway. I moved to Cyprus in the early 90s and was full of resentment for having had to move. Kurt Cobain had just died and so I was heavily into Nirvana and every other band that they pulled along with them. Funny, I still fill up with THE EXACT feelings I had at 14 when I hear those songs.

    Well, I’ve gone on again!
    Obviously, I’m here too ❤

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