Hello beautiful loves!  

Thinking I would like your help with Day 30.  Would you like to participate?
Ask me anything about anything in the comments block of this post.  Random thoughts are always fun.  I’ll answer for Day 30.  Indicate if you want me to voice it or write it.  Majority wins and I’ll either voice it or stick to the writing for the entire post.

Thought this might be fun.  Let me know what you think the Albatraoz demands it!  😝

Love y’all!

Thanks for reading!

Have a fabulous whatever!  


34 thoughts on “Help

  1. What are three songs that are important to you – not necessarily your favorites, or that you listen to often, but when they come on you’re immediately taken back to a specific time or age or memory (hopefully good).
    I’d like voice, but writing is okay too. And of course, the three songs. 🙂

    OH! And your post reminded me… I asked for prompts and then left for 5 days. I owe some people some posts! OMG! lol

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  2. Look guys, I will ask a favour of whomever is interested ….. there is a new blog that I follow called , it’s a new blogger (10 years old) she does child’s drawings and diy such as cooking. So I’d whomever is kind enough to follow her, she’s not always available so you won’t get harassed by her posts……
    Thank you

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