This CLEVER man is quickly backing himself into a corner as one of my favorites to read. He is an understated chaotic soul bursting with soul and oozing with talent. There are many layers to him. I love every single one of them. This post which I’m sure he probably just typed up like it was nothing, is an example of his exquisite CLEVERness.


Ward Clever

As prompted by Mel Gutier.As promised, or strongly suggested, here is the first of all the prompts and/or questions that I agreed to write.

I wake on a crispy chilly morning, lights barely on, eyes barely open. I don’t want you to leave. It’s still dark, my lady, so stay for a while longer. Just five minutes. Five more to hold me, hold you, hold us in our collective arms, secure and sensuous. I’m happy, the bed is happy, the sheets and blankets and pillows are happy with you in them, with us in them, not quite dressed…

Not yet…

Tender kisses, gentle caresses, not just with fingers, not just with lips… so many choices, and the cold air is like a swarm of dementors keeping us willing prisoners here, held safely in each others’ arms, away from the world. We’re swirling our madness together and our…

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