100 DoRaM: Day 32 – Prompts

What can I say… I have a problem. I admit it. I go weak in the stomach. I tremble… I’m a nut case. I’m… blaaaahhhh! Eeeeek!

I’m scared of… writing prompts. (*falls to the ground in gut wrenching agony, her brain in turmoil*)

As a gift to support my passion for writing, my family gifted me a wonderful journal jam packed full of amazing prompts. The prompts were very nicely set up per page… 100 pages. Ugh! I could so be having fun doing them. Right? No! That was a while back. It’s still blank, hiding in my closet. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone! Ugh! What? You say what I’m doing now is a prompt. No! It’s not a prompt because I came up with it myself and I didn’t have the pressure of someone or thing slapping me in the face with it! I’m not going to lie. I have butterflies in my stomach right now.

OMG!! Okay. Deep breath… I was going to attempt to do a prompt… right now. But you know what? I can’t. I’m not ready. I don’t know why my brain is wired like this. I just… Some of you might be cringing right now and rolling your eyes and thinking… She’s so weird! Yessssss! I am weird. I’m weird and crazy and who knows what else! I just can’t do prompts.  Except… I have to get over this! I just get all nervous and freaky. I want to do them I just… Eeeeek!

I’m literally shaking just thinking about it. No joke, I’m shaking my left knee right now, fidgeting. I don’t know why they make me so nervous. I have attempted prompts suggested in other blogs. Just counted my saved documents from the numerous times I tried. I have fourteen blank documents. I saved them because I thought I would get back to them. I haven’t been able to. I tried just now to write from one. I couldn’t. I just kept staring at the blank page with the title cacophonously looking back at me. Very noisy in my head! But that’s all. Not inspirational, not dreamy, not anything to me! Why? I mean… it’s just a word or a phrase or even a picture. But you add that it’s a prompt… forget it!

I need to go throw up now. I really don’t know if there is anything that can be done about this. If you have ideas, I’m pretty sure you’ll let me know. I mean it’s a free blogosphere. You’re free to speak your mind after all. I’m just a freak. I guess. What the hell?

Let me close this horror now. I’m literally still shaking a bit. Now to the music!  Quick!

A shout out to the witty and super talented Michael and his Afterwards.  I came to know him through Linda. I came to know Linda through the GODDESS. (Aww… the GODDESS brings everyone together.) Anyway! He’s got a thing for Prince, as do I.  This is my favorite treasure by Prince and will certainly take my mind off prompts cause I think I like his prompt better.  I love the song’s quirky sexiness and the video… well… You feeling it Michael? (*wink*)

Love y’all!

Thank you so much for reading and listening.


76 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 32 – Prompts

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  3. Maria L

    Hey agapi. I know you’re sleeping but will probably ‘like’this comment anyway lol. I was thinking about this whole post. First, unless you REALLY don’t want to , I think you should delete my comment. It bothered me a lot that my mind expansion made you react so violently in your mind. I didn’t see that happen with anyone else so I obviously said the weight thing. That whole scenario is not supposed to do that. So I’d delete the comment.
    Also I think this is far too much stress and worry over prompts. Like FAR too much. Leave, forget it, delete it from your existence if it brings you so much dread. Lots of us have told you here that we don’t like them that much either. We’re all trying to tell you in our individual ways that it doesn’t matter and yet it still bothers you. Perhaps you haven’t heard the right thing from the right person. What kind of writer are you if you can’t write from a prompt? The kind who doesn’t need f***ing prompts! 😂 Anyway I’m saying this out of concern and love despite what you may think ❤It probably has to do with your elementary years…if you don’t get the right teachers/support/classmates it stays with you. So just leave it be is my loving advice.
    Hope your week begins well, has a great middle and a f***ing brilliant ending ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    1. Awww! You’re the love of my life! I’m good. I’m so weird. It really bothers me that I freak like that. It’s not normal. I wont think about them but I will conquer them one day.

      I cant delete your comment. I read my post again and I got butterflies but no nervous knots. I did have a difficult time emotionally during my early years at school. I’m starting there but I can’t remember much. Just my parents fighting a lot but what the freak does that have to do with prompts? Geeze!

      I love you for coming back to this for me!

      You’re amazing!

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      1. Maria L

        I kind of had to. I wanted to make you happy with my mind exercise but it didn’t work and so I was sad 😢
        It’s. ..don’t even think of it. It means nothing. It means all you need is your own mind and magic to write…my god who wouldn’t want THAT?
        Love you ❤

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  4. Writing prompts? Ugggh It comes when it comes. For me, there is no forcing of the Muse. If that’s what you could call whatever it is that inspires me.

    As for Prince…he was one of the most talented musicians out there. He wrote, he played EVERYTHING, he sang. When I say he sang, that is putting it mildly. Prince performed. He performed flawlessly with a style that was all his own. We are very lucky that his music lives on.

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  5. Mel, I’ll help you out by explaining what I did with your prompt for me.
    Your expectations were of something Halloween based. I never thought of that once. And I did write it all just after the last time you reminded me, in 10 minutes. But when you first suggested it, I… Well I didn’t recognize it as a prompt, lol, but after I worked that out, I figured a good start would be to look up the word. Do I want to write a funny story about a misunderstanding based on ensconced/a wall sconce? Or a mystery based on that? Hmmm… No. Definition was what it was, but the word ‘safe’ kept popping up, standing out.
    So, a poem or a story? I’ve done poems a lot lately so… Okay, a story about kids playing hide and seek? No, because I can’t twist a kid story, and I want that option.
    So what is safe? What would feel safe… Well, what could possibly feel safer than being with someone you love? And when is that cozies and warmest? The morning.
    So I got a scene in my head, and wrote it. And a second warm safe spot, the shower. And there’s your prompt. Done.

    My point is, I could have written anything, including what you expected. I never thought that what I wrote would disappoint or displease you. I only thought about how writing nothing would disappoint you. It’s still me, and my writing. And I asked for it. Lol

    That’s my mindset on that. A little trip through my process. Don’t worry. Whatever you write will be amazing! I know this. I believe in you! 😊😍😚

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    1. Love… I understand this. Just so you know. You’re the first person I’ve ever given a prompt to out of friendship to support your idea for this month’s fun on your blog and Ensconce is one of my favorite words. Here it comes…

      I felt sick doing it. I kind teared up after I sent it to you. I got nervous and anxious about it. I was giving you something I can’t handle. And it made me sick.

      After I reminded you or you remembered, I flopped a little. I was even nervous reading it. I was blown away. I’m sick I guess. Believe me I’ve tried.

      I’m going to keep trying. We’ll see what happens. 😐

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      1. I release you from any prompts, Mel. If it’s not fun, don’t do it! I don’t want you doing something that brings you discomfort or anxiety.
        If you need help, or need to stop, both are okay with me. 🙂 Don’t worry! Please. It’s not worth you suffering over. I’m serious.

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      2. See my Little Mysteries post. (I knew that thing would come in handy!) To me it’s not important why, it only matters that it upsets you and I don’t want that. So, I release you!
        In fact, you could just play a song from that album. There you go. 🙂

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  6. Maria L

    Agapi. Oh my gosh sooooo much to say and I’m typing with my left finger while trying to sing if you’re happy and you know it with a puppet in my right hand! Lol

    This you is so funny and cute. If you drank I’d say have shot or two of tequila and go for it. Lol.
    Right. First I understand you. For me prompts can sometimes be a little big cringey. I’ve only ever done two with Clever and that was lovely but totally different circumstances.
    Once another blogger who I’ll reveal in private (!) was having a bit of writer’s block so i offered something that i call a mind expansion. She took it as a prompt and said no thanks . Which is fine!
    But I’m going to give it to you now and take it as you like but just let it remind you that a prompt doesn’t have to be restricted to the semantics of the word. You can be abstract too.
    Also….loved your beautiful shout out to me! Whoo hoo !! ❤
    You’re walking in a snowy forest . It’s calm, beautiful, enchanting. You’re walking alone but at peace. You know your purpose. You see a gorgeous cottage up ahead, it’s the stuff fairy tales are made from. Snow crunches under your feet as you approach the front door and creak it open.
    Inside is the epitome of cozy, warm home. The smell of cinnamon and chocolate fills your senses. You walk to the corner of the room where there is a mysterious, old wooden chest. It beckons you. You reach to open it and…what do you see inside?

    That’s it! It should help free and expand your mind from the prompt fears. You can imagine the prompt is in the chest if you want. Or an object to push the prompt along. Or you know what, maybe I’m in there- whatever works!
    Just wanted to share with you.
    Love you dearly

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    1. I just had my hand chopped up by the prompt chest… 😲 I must be sick because you described it perfectly and beautifully but it’s like a gun shot went off in my head.

      I know… I gotta do something. How can you call yourself a writer when you cant do a simple prompt.

      Maybe it’s the word itself. I’m going to take what you’ve given me and see what happens. Will report back on it next weekend. CLEVER gave me a wonderful one so lovely. I’m going to try. Honestly… I’m doomed.

      Love you!

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      1. Maria L

        Did that conversation EVER EVER happen between us???? Ever???????
        What’s happened to you today? Why would that whole story that never occurred between us BE YOU, ?? 😂😂😂😂😂Calm down, C

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      2. Well you see, I’m usually the one getting into trouble, and I’m always afraid of doing something​ wrong, so I thought that as you said a “she” that you were speaking about me. I’m sorry


      1. Ok 😨😱

        You know what? Here is what I think, p***** are a good way to find what to talk about, according to me. Sometimes I wish I had some of those to have ideas what to write about, really it’s true!
        So here is an idea , why not giving me a p***** word , I’ll write something about it for you .

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  7. Arbie you are such a treasure! You know how amazing you are to me for this love you’re sharing with me!

    I love this giant passionate share! You are so good at prompts and making them your own. I can’t explain it but even now just discussing it. I’m getting knots in my stomach. I might need professional help. Although you’re suggestions are amazing! Thank you so much!

    Love you so much for your sweet loving heart! 😘😘😘😘😘😘


  8. I’m going to write this from my point of view because it’s all I know and I’ve had too many cups of tea today. I play hard to get with prompts. See the word, let it mull around and then maaayyybbeee if a line comes and it spills out I’ll go with it. If I feel like I have to try, nope. No chasing. No chasing prompts! Do you feel like you need to share your prompts? If you really want to write one so you can kick the anxiety over it out the window then just burn it after, revenge for all the prompts that came before it! I never expect a prompt response to be good, ever. I like to dip my fingers in all the writing pies and try this and that and that’s all a prompt is, another pie. It means fuck all if you don’t write prompts, and to be honest fuck all if you do. Wait. Wait a second. Your music, these 100 days. Didnt this start as a prompt and challenge type thing? You’re facing a challenge of writing a post every day with a song and a word and finding inspiration from said song… and that’s all a word prompt is. You’re already doing it and damn well. Without music, maybe one way to tackle a word prompt could be to throw it into your novel world? See what Charlie would do with it, if anything. How would a word prompt pace a scene? But really, this is only if you really want to try a prompt. There’s no right or wrong way of doing it. I’m going to wrap this up now but with a prompt just remember you own it. Look at the prompt like an albatraoz – does this word do anything for me right now? Does this word inspire anything in me? It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t, all it means is it isn’t that words day. Inspiration is everywhere else anyway. You’re a great writer, Mel. That’s all that matters in the end. And the spelling of albatraoz matters too. I went back and checked it and I still can’t remember. I’d blame the tea but really I just can’t spell. Necessarily… Nec-ess-arily. Yeah. I’ll never get that one without spell check! 😂


  9. Keep in mind, just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. You have amazing gifts and talents! Who cares about prompts?!! Prompts are so in the box. You write original content, outside of the box and I love it!

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    1. Aww…. that literally made all my stomach knots disappear. *Breath-sighs into happy thoughts!*

      You’re so adorable to me!!!

      I hope the girls had a great time yesterday! Did the fun times trickle down to this morning?

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      1. Noooooo! Everyone needed a good night’s sleep, including the moms! Our marching band is marching in the Macy’s parade in NY in November! They have been so busy with rehearsals. They all need a chill day!

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      2. We had the option, but we would not see the kids or be able to hang out with them, due to their schedule. Plus, it is difficult to find someone to farm sit 130+critters in November!!😜

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      3. OMG… you’ve read my Vampira posts? You are so cool!!

        No… I’m getting used to it. I was just joking – but honestly it wouldn’t be my first choice, now… I don’t know, maybe. I didn’t know I could write horror until I got the idea put into my head by a fellow blogger. Then an hour later… there it was… Olivia was hungry.

        LOL. I’ve more installments to come. Hopefully two before the end of this month.

        Thank you so much for reading my stuff. You’re too kind! Muuuuaaahhh!

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      4. Yes… the classic Dracula… romantic in every way. I love it.

        My vampiric world is all mine. I decided not to do any research and just do something different. I plan to submit it to a publisher and hope to get a bite. Have a lot more work to do on it first though.

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