Getting lost in my work

So… I’ve been having trouble finishing up the polish on SKoH part 1.  I’ve been looking at it like a prompt lately.  Last night I had a great night’s sleep (*wink*).  It helped me a great deal and I’m realizing how much a good night’s sleep is necessary in my life.  Woke up at 4.A.M, refreshed, wanting to get lost in my novel.  Worked on it for an hour and half.  It felt good.

I’m planning on getting more sleep from now on.  The prompting hell I was in was not helping me.  Might not see my flutter in your world for a while.  Gotta do more writing, less reading.  Getting lost in my novel from now on… until it’s done.

100 days will continue… sort of.

Love y’all!

14 thoughts on “Getting lost in my work

  1. Yes! A good night sleep and at the right hours is so important. Lack of just gets the cortisol up too high, or whatever that stress hormone is. I’m not gonna pretend to be smart. 😂 Take your time with your writing and your health, that’s what’s important. 🌹

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