100 DoRaM: Day 39 – One Direction

Okay… yes… I had a thing for One Direction. What? Who doesn’t? Oh! Come on! You don’t? You’ve never listened to their songs back in the day, at some point and… sort of… gone crazy with… breathe sighs?

Well… let me tell you something. This sexy mama had, has, feels and breathe sighs all over for the lot! The cuties took me over while I was heavily into the belly of my novel a couple of years ago. I was listening to them, watching their videos, their interviews… I was in gaga land. I admit it. I was, maybe still am, addicted to One Direction. (She says dancing to one of their songs. Kids looking on in queer wonder of what the hell is wrong with our Mother?)

I mean… charm… cuteness galore… their back story! Someone slap me because… I’m in love! Heaven! True… my headspace at the time was for two teenagers who were very in love with each other so, naturally, I was gravitating to that style of music, the lyric as well. That kind of took me to a place where everything was new and wonderful and nothing else mattered except for that first kiss. Mmmm… delicious!

Their accents!!!!  The British accent is very sexy. Of course, these are boys to me, but my imagination was, is, quite strong. I did imagine myself quite younger… like a 17-year-old with the brain of a grown woman ready to jump on them. LOL! Niall Horan was, is, easily my favorite and look at his Hands now! (Getting a bit hot here!) That sweet Irish accent! Please… someone… don’t wake me. Cutie pie!

Okay listen… I know. It’s a bit much but… I have a feeling I’ve touched on some nerve with some of you. If not… I don’t think you’re alive. You must be dead… or a zombie or… just plain non-human! These boys can knock on my door any time! Well… now… they’re kind of men doing their own thing.  I love that I grew up (LOL) listening to them.  Now I get to enjoy them each individually, in their own unique style. (She says dancing seductively to Niall’s Hands – oohh… nice!) LOL.

As you might be able to tell… music is very much an eclectic wave of flavors that courses through me irregularly.  I think about all the countless songs I’ve listened to in my lifetime and how each has added so much joy to my dreamy tapestry.  A priceless joy.  Yep… One Direction is right up there as a joy felt deeply.

You get two songs/videos today. My favorite One Direction song/video, No Control, because it’s featured in SKoH Part 1. Also, my Niall’s Hands which is featured in MarJo Book 2. I love the image Hands allowed me to create in a love scene in MarJo. I can’t wait!

(Niall!  I would so let you put your hands on me baby! LOL!)

Love y’all so much!

Thank you so much for reading and for listening.

32 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 39 – One Direction

  1. You know I understand that feeling when you love them so much that it starts appearing scary and obsessive to others while to yourself, you appears sickeningly falling in love with these amazing boys.. And ya, I have been a crazy Directioner for much time.The feels never get less..

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  2. Oh man!! God these guys were huge weren’t they?! Admittedly I only know the song thats what makes you beautiful but its a sweet one! Or maybe the memory of my bf sending it me was sweet… Who cares sweeeeet either way! Will listen to posted songs for song knowdlege! 💖

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  3. Not sure what to chose here, I don’t want to be dead yet [want to catch-up with Mel before that]. and I definitely detest Zombies, looks like I’ll have to settle for being a “plain non-human”, which is ok, I like the idea of being super boy, and having “No Direction”

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    1. Awwww! You are not human… you’re an ANGEL! My negative comments… Do not apply to Ivor Stevens!

      Besides… on One Direction… you’re nit missing anything. They pale in comparison to your good taste in music. I’m just kind of weird.

      You’re lovely! Hugs! 😘

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      1. Yeah, but they are. No innocence anymore.
        Cool story… was walking my grandson around the neighborhood, and a girl comes out of a house and says “I like your baby!” I said “I do too!”, and she came down to talk to us. She asked what his name was, and I told her, and I asked what her name was. She said “It’s Isabella, but I like it when people call me Izzy.” I said “Nice to meet you, Izzy. I’m Brian, and we just live around the corner.” She turned and sheepishly said “This is my dad’s house.” Visitation, maybe?
        Then she said “Can I give you a hug? I’m a hugger.” I was apprehensive, because of society and shit, but I said ‘Sure!” Then she hugged my grandson and said he was cute and she’s sorry he had stitches.
        I said “We’ve got to be getting back home, because it’s getting a little chilly for him. It was nice to meet you, Izzy!” She said “nice to meet you too! Bye, baby!”
        I felt bad because she was maybe a little ignored by her father? Not sure. Very friendly and very cute, maybe 10 or 11 years old. My grandson said ‘byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ just like that, holding the note. She giggled.
        So innocence exists, was my point.

        Also, look at Babymetal.

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