I know I am, but what am I?

I’m trying to spend more time, here and there, with some of you. Tonight, I swam a little through the oceans of CLEVER. I like the fellow. He’s interesting and has such a unique head. Laugh, cry… cry a lot and then get all sorts of happy! Anyway! Before I start fangirling too much… One of his posts inspired me for day 43. Its title is the above and you can check it out here. Sorry CLEVER. I liked the title, so I hijacked it for this day. Hope you don’t mind.

So… what the heck am I? I was thinking of a poem for an answer, but… I’ll just talk. I feel like talking. I’m a good talker upper. Ahh… that CLEVER is infectious! Sounds like something he would say. Anywoohoo! That is a very interesting question because on so many levels you can just say and be anything. I’m a writer of sorts… I’m a lover? A wife? A mother? Wait… can I just be me? Please. I just want to be me. But who the heck is that?

Me. The me that I am today. I was not that me yesterday or the day before… No. I was not. Today I am the me I am today, and I was not yesterday. What? Could it be? Could it be that I am different every day… a better version of me perhaps? Last year I was different than this year. I feel it. I was not the me I was last year this year. Confused? So am I! All I know is that today I am me. Yesterday… I wasn’t me. Tomorrow I will be me again but surely different, because so many things happened to me today. That is tomorrow but I am me now. That is all that matters.

I’m going back to Awolnation for the music.  What can I say.  I know he’s an acquired taste to some of you but I love Aaron Bruno.  Although he’s not looking too cute to me lately.  I’ve sort of got a huge crush on someone else. (*wink*)  Truly though… I think this song fits today’s crazy Random post or Reflection.  Take your pick.


12 thoughts on “I know I am, but what am I?

  1. Ward Clever

    You’re already in my thoughts. Now you’re in my blog. 😊
    I have a post somewhere called Five Minute Phoenix. A phoenix dies and is reborn every 500 years. Like you said, we change every day. We’re not the same from day to day, based on experiences. I completely agree!

    Sometimes, though, life begins moving faster, and changes happen quickly. Five minute phoenix! We die and are reborn that quickly. For example, just when I thought I couldn’t be happier, something else happens and I’m deliciously wrong. 😊
    I die happy, and I’m reborn happier, every five minutes. ❤❤
    P. S. Fangirl away. I’m fangirling over you. 😊

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  2. Scientifically speaking, no one is the same as yesterday. Our cells dies and new are born every day. So the person you’ve seen and hugged last week has completely changed , it’s a different one for sure from bottom to top. Now emotionally, perhaps some of us change quite faster than others, the daily tasks, the issues, the stress build emotions that can enhance a person behaviour or not. I hope that you’ve enhanced since yesterday 😉 such as less cursing for instance ?

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