100 DoRaM: Day 48 – Madness

“She’s waking up…”

(Oh dear God!)

“We can sort of hear you. Umm… it’s to be expected. Sorry.  Harry here hit you over the head. We’re kind of big fans of yours. Don’t be scared. We’re not going to hurt you.”

“Yeah… sorry Ms. Gutiér. I kind of panicked. But it’s truly an honor to make your acquaintance.”

“You say you can hear me?”

“Every thought. Like we know about that guy you like. You know…”


(I’m going nuts! This is ridiculous! I need to be committed! This is not happening! How did I tie my hands? Wait…)

“If we untie you, you promise not to run away?”

“Okay… Wait. You both seem so familiar.”

“You wrote us… years ago. You shelved us.”


“Show her Harry.”

“See this booklet, you wrote in it late one night. It was this story about gangsters and one hot steamy love affair. Remember?”

(No way! That’s not possible! What the hell!)

“It is. It’s very possible because ever since a few weeks ago everything was normal then boom! All of a sudden, there was this wall that collapsed in front of us.”


“Well… I’m not sure but…”

“You’re… Albert and… you’re… Harry. Oh my God! What is happening!”

“We’re not sure but we’re trapped where we’re not supposed to be. There is this guy… Charlie. We think he has something to do with all of this. Him and you.”

“Ms. Gutiér can I just say, I’m truly humbled. You have exquisite taste. You’re writing to me is…”

“Shut up Harry! You didn’t even remember her days. Ms. Gutiér please. If I untie you, will you stay and not run away?”

“Where would I even go. I don’t even recognize this place.”

(Oh my God! I’m falling for all of this. It has to be a dream. My subconscious mind is catching up with me. I’m in my head. Fiction in my head.)

“Actually, we’re the fiction outside your head. This is the world you made up for us. We just don’t know what’s happening because there’s a few of us who can’t go back.”

“What are you saying Albert?”

“See… something happened to Charlie and we think that whatever he triggered, triggered us to wake up.”

“I don’t understand? Wait… untie me first. I won’t run away.”

“Boss! You made it!”


(Oh my God! She’s more beautiful than I ever imagined.)

“Why thank you Mel. I think you won’t mind me calling you that. After all you did fantasize about me did you not? We got it on hot and heavy one night. Remember that? I’ll admit it. I’ve got the hots for you but… I have to put all that aside because I need to get back in your head. Something’s happening, and you hold the key.”

“Phoenix Padilla?”

“Yes. It’s me. Your sexy gangster lady. I have to say. You made me perfect. The woman of your dreams. Ha, ha, ha. You are so adorable. I remember that night fondly.”

(Jesus! It was just… I was curious. I like men.)

“Not that night. I remember. You were all out and I loved every minute of your hands running over me.”

(I am definitely going mad. This is not happening. Wake up Mel! Please wake up!)

“Harry hold on to her.”

“Oh geese… you smell nice Ms. Gutiér.”

“Let me go!”

“Mel… I need you to concentrate and summon Charlie.”


“You need to call Charlie here. You see… we’ve been trapped in some kind of world in your head. I want to get back to mine. The world you created for me. A few weeks ago, you and Charlie argued and ever since then there have been others. You made him dream. That caused a chain reaction. I do believe you created this problem. It originated with Charlie but it’s you that holds the key.”

“I don’t think Charlie is listening. I wouldn’t know where to begin. He’s not real! You’re not real. This is nuts! And I want you to stop! Stop!”

“We’re still here. Believe me. We want to stop this. We do. But you have to understand… there are certain freedoms we can’t enjoy in here. I do believe Charlie is the key to out there.”

“Out where?”

“Out there where he came to you, in your study.”


“Outside your head.”

“Boss! You said we’d go back to our original world.”

“Be quiet Albert. I’m not here to negotiate. I’m here to play my way. Just like you wrote me. Right Mel?”

“Phoenix… what are you talking about?”

“You in exchange for the truth.”


“Boss… we can’t kill her.”

(Kill me? They can’t be serious! They’re not real!)

“Oh but we are. You keep telling yourself in your head that we’re a work of fiction, a figment of your imagination. But watch me bleed… Ah!”

“Phoenix! No! Please stop!”

“Awww… Mel, my delicious love. You see this bleeding wrist? See how it bleeds? Now watch it stop.”

(Gasp! What the hell is this?)

“Mel. Your fiction is alive… and now you have to pay. Call Charlie. We know you can.”

“I can’t. Oh God! What do you want! I’m so confused.”

“Mel… open your eyes.”

“They’re fucking open. Let me go Harry! If you don’t I’ll write your head off!”

“No! Like my head!”

“Thank you, Harry. Now Phoenix you will go back to where you came from and wait for me there. I’ll come to you. You will not come to me!”

“Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha… you are something else if you think you can control me.”

(That’s it. Closing my eyes and when I count to ten this will all be a dream. One, two, three…)


“I’m sorry my love but you deserved that slap. Why can’t you see… Oh but you are beautiful my lovely Mel. I would love to taste you again like I did that night. You’re tasty delight.”

“Phoenix… please… wait… Where is Harry? Albert?”

“It’s happening again. We can’t do this without Charlie. You have until tomorrow. If he doesn’t answer, you’re dead and so are we.”

“Phoenix… what are you talking about? I must be dreaming because I made you up.”

“You’re so naïve. I should have taken you more than once… broken you then.”

“What are you doing? Owe!”

“You’re coming with me darling. Choose a song and press publish or I’ll make you bleed.”

“Phoenix! Please… please don’t do this. I swear I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“You made him dream and he forgot. But… you can wake him up. You will do it. I’m not going to bend to you now. Not now and not ever. I’m me and you are nothing without me.”

(What is this code she’s talking about. I’m not writing this and yet…)

“Yet it’s you. Lovely Mel… I’m sorry for doing this to you but there is no other way. Now… pick the song make your daily magic. I might let you live if we find him. Well… go on. What are you waiting for? It’s not going to post itself.”

“If I go along with this craziness… what do you want to happen? I’m not understanding what you’re end goal is. Is it to become real?”

“Oh God! We are real. Why can’t you see that? Charlie tried to make you see that.”

(Jesus! Please let this madness be a dream!)

“Mel, I can hear you mad woman! Now… got the song?”

“Yeah… I got the song.”

“Go on and press it. Then let’s go figure out how we’re going to get Charlie to come here and help us out of your head.”

(I go along the path of madness… the path that will get me in trouble and will leave me sick in the pit of my stomach. My beautiful Phoenix awakened. So beautiful.)

“You make me smile. You’re such a writer!”

© 2017 Mel Gutiér



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