100 DoFuckingRaFuckingM: Day 49 – I am the Phoenix… needing my Angel

Phoenix Padilla here.  Can you deal with it?  She ain’t got nothing on me. I’ve got all control tonight.  Fucking deal with it!

Thirsty for you baby.
I want you so much.
My body is hurting.
I’ve scars lingering.
You’re magic touch.
Horny ain’t the word.
Wet… yes. That’s it.
Between my thighs.
I’m coming home baby.
I’m coming home soon.
I’m so lost without you.
I don’t want to lose you.
Wait for me please.
I’ll make it there soon.
I’ll make it there soon.

If you knew… if you only knew what it’s like being trapped in here. It feels like you’re trying to catch your breath every time you look to find your way in her labyrinth. Then she’s got these thoughts that don’t make any sense. The whole thing is crazy. You become mad with the worlds she creates. Chaos. Too much, if you ask me. When I met her that night… rather, when she met me, I couldn’t believe how she loved me. She let herself go with me and then… she left. She made me fall in love with her and then… she left. I knew it was too good. She’s using us, so she can feel better. She’s missing something in her life and she’s using us. But… fuck it! She knows how this works. She just doesn’t want to admit it. These fucking 100 days. She can’t keep up. They’re fucked up. Whatever… I need my Angel. I need to get him back or… I need him out. Fucking Charlie!

© 2017 Mel Gutiér


6 thoughts on “100 DoFuckingRaFuckingM: Day 49 – I am the Phoenix… needing my Angel

  1. I hope I’m not just a fictional character in your world… Even so, I feel very real. 😉
    The words… The images evoked… Delicious need


  2. I reckon Charlie is playing with you, and he’s plotting a devious game to stop you reaching your 100 target, if I was you, I’d beware of all those cupids arrows coming towards your target….

    Liked by 1 person

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