I’ll kill her Charlie!

“Phoenix! I’m doing the best I can!”

“You used your phone… you posted and you weren’t supposed to!”

“I had to!”

“You don’t have to!  You think they care?  They don’t.  What do you care about Mel?  Do you care about me?”

(She sounds just like Charlie.  I’m so tired of this!  Charlie… Charlie… Charlie.)

“That’s it… keep going.  Call him…  You don’t care about anyone but yourself!  I should blow your fucking brains out! Just end this whole thing now!”


“I don’t think that would work.”

“You saw me bleed. It’ll work.”

“You’d seize to exist.  You won’t make it back to Angel.”


“You’re a fucking bitch!  I’ll kill you!  I was fine until you put him in my life!”

“Phoenix stop!  Stop it!  You’re hurting me!”

(Oh my God!  She’s real!)

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