100 DoRaM: Day 53 – The Charlie

What can I say… and now you know.  I love Charlie.  He’s the man I’ve always wanted and the best friend I’ve never had.  That’s his favorite song and John Newman is his favorite singer.  But like me he loves all kinds of music.  He is tender, kind and very loving.  Maybe even sexy.  He has an air of gorgeous about him but he’s not arrogant.  He’s humble… somewhat.  LOL.


“Charlie!  What a surprise!”

“Couldn’t help it.  Kept thinking about that kiss.”

“Aww… well, you deserved it.”

“Another one?  Maybe…”

“You know the deal love.”

“Right… I’ll be a good little fiction and sneak back up into your head.  Not!”

(Chuckling… he’s so cute!)

“I agree. Come and go as you please love.”

“Whatever happens Mel… I’m glad to be here.”

“I am too.  So glad for you.  Can I do anything for you?”

“Umm… I think I’ll hold on to that card for later, if you don’t mind.”


“Okay.  Sounds like a plan then.”

“Well… I’ll let you get back to your day and… Get some sleep!  Will ya?  Those circles under your eyes… not very attractive.”

“Thank you for the brutal honesty darling.”

“Hey… nothing but love for you.  Okay… good then.  See ya babe!”

(He’s gorgeous.)

Breathe sigh… lingering and then breathe sigh again.

The Charlie in my life consists of… LOVE.  I love my characters so much sometimes they come to life and take over.  I’ve let them out on occasion and they have ruined me… on occasion.  However, Charlie, is different.  He’s been residing in my head since a very young age.  I think I used him to feel better.  He was and is a comfort to me.  I don’t think my other characters would love me as much as he does.  Likewise I have a deep rooted love for him. My favorite because he is very personal to me and because he’s like a tender whisper in my head.  So tender.

I had a friend, way back, ask me what Charlie represented, the how and the why of him.  I’m not going to answer except to say… Read the Charlie.  What does he represent for you?

The Charlie (in order from top to bottom)

Charlie in My Head

Dancing with Charlie

Powerful… Charlie

100 DoRaM: Day 6 – Day 6?

Thinking about Charlie

Charlie Dreams

100 DoRaM: Day 46 – Love Scenarios

100 DoRaM: Day 47 – Scary Music

Breathless times

With me

Kiss me

Always forever


100 DoRaM: Day 48 – Madness

Where are you Charlie?

100 DoFuckingRaFuckingM: Day 49 – I am the Phoenix… needing my Angel

Charlie… where the fuck are you!

“I want my Angel” said the Phoenix

Phoenix rising.. falling for my Angel

Angel… I never though… I’m your Phoenix

Phoenix… Angel – FOREVER

Charlie… need your help buddy!

I’ll kill her Charlie!

Charlie… dream… dream…

100 DoRaM: Day 51 – Charlie wakes up

100 DoRaM: Day 52 – I love Charlie

100 DoRaM: Day 83 – Sleepy Times

Damn… did I write all this?  Crazy!

That’s all for day 53.  Day 53! Passed the halfway mark and I still have some brain left.  Thank you so much for following, liking and commenting on these crazy Randoms… Reflections?  Whatever!  Hope you’re having fun.  I am.

Love y’all!

Thank you so much for reading and for listening.




30 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 53 – The Charlie

      1. I did about a week sorry thought id commented.

        Given you quite splendidly do what the devil you want i kinda already figured worry not there will be another twist next week …bide your time

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  1. You’re so adorable! Your characters are all full and well-written, just as you are! I have come to love your characters, and I enjoy seeing them on your blog. I didn’t realize there were so many Charlies either! But … yes, there are. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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