Sleepy Voice Ramble

So I didn’t feel much like writing.  So… here ya go with another recording.  Sorry if I may sound a bit weird but it goes with the territory of being a huge SUPERSTAR like myself.  LOL.  NOT!  Anyway… care to listen?  Why… thank you for listening.  You are all truly charming folk.  Love y’all to bits and pieces of chocolate.  As you can tell… I’m either highly medicated or dedicated highly… or something rather supercilious of me.  What?  Oh yeah… I don’t feel much like writing tonight so here you go…

Wow!  I know!  Way too long but… it is what it is!  Sorry for torturing you guys but… it is day 54 and I wanted to make sure and lay it on thick.

Now – here’s the song.  A song to… well… I like it!  Sexy times y’all!

31 thoughts on “Sleepy Voice Ramble

      1. Howdy Mel. Can you please drop me the link within the next 20 minutes? I need to get out the next group email before bed tonight. If you’re having trouble still, let me know. If we can’t sort this out shortly, I’ll just put a link to your site instead of the post into everyones sigs. Cheers!

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  1. It’s always a pleasure to hear your voice, even if it sounds sleepy.
    I very much enjoyed the Charlie’s series and I’m curious to read your novel. Take your time to finish it as you find it suitable ’cause you’re the writer. You know how it should be.
    Thank you ,

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  2. Awww… Adorable. You sound a little bit sleepy, and a little bit dreamy…
    Yes, write your novel how you like! You could even shuffle two chapters together if they’re different scenes, and the shuffles would be chapters. I dont know. I’m reading whatever you write. ❤

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  3. Your sweet voice definitely sounded tired, and I so hope you’re able to sort your book out the way you want it to be. Remember it’s your writings, and only you’ll know how It’s suppose to feel and sound. xx

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    1. How am I so fortunate to have you fir a friend! From the moment I came across your blog I felt a connection. You’re such a wonderful light around here! Thank you for spreading joy! I’m so glad to know you young man!

      Your encouragement is very much appreciated. 😘


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