The Black Apple: A Yuffie Collaboration


Image: Courtesy of Little Fears

“I really do think we’ve been going in circles Hydra.”

“Oh no… we’ve not. See this?”

“The red ribbon you tide to that tree a while ago?”

“Yes! We’re not going in circles! We’ve just found our way back!”

“Oh… you make sense actually. Good then… but I do think the circular path we’ve been traveling doesn’t end or quite purposefully it begins and then we have to start over.”


“Yes. Quite the contrary if it does end and we have to walk backwards then… Oh aaahhhh…”

“Yuffie… that apple is black and shiny.”

“I do so love it. Ooohhh… so darling the black apple.”

“Mesmerizing. How are we to reach it?

“Hmm… you’re nice and long. Climb on top of me. We’ll reach it together. I want that apple. It’s calling my name. I feel it.”

“Alright then. I suppose I could. But… it does look a bit suspicious, doesn’t it?”


“A single black apple up high like that but within reach.”



“Do you realize you’re sounding quite clever lately.”

“Yes. I do suppose that was as clever observation.”

“Hmm… Maybe, if we just knock it down first. We don’t have to actually touch it, do we? We can investigate its magnificence when it falls to the ground.”

“Yuffie! You’ve such great ideas! You’re my favorite kind of trouble.”

“Meh, heh, heh, heh! I do love some trouble. It keeps life interesting.”

“It does look rather beautiful and mysterious that black apple.”

“Let’s fashion a tool. Oh Hydra… I do so love the way that magnificent black apple is craving me. I’m a little smitten.”

“Makes me kind of hungry.”

This is the part where the narrator takes over for a while. They’re not supposed to touch that apple. But let’s say they grab a stick or something and knock it down… let’s say Yuffie takes it and holds it for a while. Where’s the harm in that?

“Oh… it is glorious this. I shan’t bite it just yet. I shall admire and contemplate its blackness.”

“Yuffie, I’m beginning to feel hunger pangs on a level beyond the holding back of biting that apple.”

“Don’t you dare Hydra! It’s my apple!”

“I can’t commit to holding back Yuffie. I simply can’t.”

Now here this be, this strange thing. The apple is black. BLACK. Poor Yuffie. She is rather hungry in the soul for such things. But will she share this great freak of nature?

“Hydra… it is mine. All mine… I am its keeper and its lover. It beckons me like a gorgeous blackness. It holds the mystery to my soul. The great enchantress of my essence.”

“Yuffie… you sound so in love.”

“Perhaps I am. You think she’ll marry me?”

“I think I’ll marry you both. I’m good at joining things.”

“Oh? Would you? I’m ready. You may now hold the black goddess that is the apple.”

Hydra took the apple feverishly. He swallowed it whole becoming instantaneously sick. He then exploded unto Yuffie’s face.

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

OMG guys!  Pete has added his glorious wit bringing this tale to life!  Pete you’re AWESOME!

This tale is one of four written for a Yuffie collaboration. Four tales by four writers about the character Yuffie.

I’m a Little Fears fan.  His gravatar freaked me out as soon as I posted my very first work.  I was a bit green I’ll admit.  He was my first follower (Between you and me… I think he was yours too.*wink*)   When he asked me to join in this… I was floored, to say the least.  I can’t actually believe he asked me but… I jumped right in.  He has been such a good friend and encouraging supporter of my work.  Thanks so much Pete for thinking of me for this.  For being so encouraging and giving of your time providing me with such awesome support.  I’m humbled sir.  You’re an amazing inspiration and I’m learning a lot from you.

You MUST check out his work at the link below if you haven’t already.

Lastly, I had great fun doing this, aside from the obvious nervous knots I had for about two hours prior to coming up with it.  LOL.

You can check out the other three tales at the links below.  (I hope I did this correctly! LOL!)

Anthony Renfro of “; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>One Writer Ranting</a>
Layne Ambrose of <a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Chewing on Glass</a>
Peter Edwards of <a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Little Fears</a>

Anthony Renfro of One Writer Ranting

Layne Ambrose of Chewing on Glass

Peter Edwards of Little Fears

15 thoughts on “The Black Apple: A Yuffie Collaboration

  1. Reblogged this on Fiction in My Head and commented:

    Organizing the blog and finding some posts I really like and some I’m like… What was I thinking!! This, however, is one of my favorite things I’ve done on the Fiction. I had so much fun after I got over the anxiety. LOL! Confession… I had anxiety all the way to the end. Why? I happen to admire Little Fears a great deal. He is dedicated and hard working and just plain brilliant! In the end I had so much fun and I was so honored he thought me capable to the task. Seriously! It was amazing to have experienced this.

    Thanks Pete! You’ve always had my back and I appreciate you!


  2. A mystical wonderland, with a little bit of a sexy twist buried in there. I like these characters and where you took them. I have yet to listen to Pete’s reading of this, but I will!
    I think he was at least one of my first few followers, if not the first.

    Liked by 1 person

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