100 DoRaM: Day 58 – Remembrance

It was only one hour ago
It feels like that to me

It was all so different then
The world made sense

Nothing yet has really sunk in
I want to run after you

Looks like it always did
The air is different… my heart…

This flesh and bone
Temporary residence… you’re gone

It’s just the way that we are tied in
You… we didn’t have a choice

But there’s no one home
I’m all alone

I grieve, for you
My heart explodes at the mundane

You leave, me
It fucking hurts

So hard to move on
You kept me sane

Still loving what’s gone
The void is too strong

They say life carries on
Why does it feel like a the end?

Carries on and on and on and on
Lingering pain… violent abyss

The news that truly shocks
Reverberant scar on my heart

Is the empty, empty page
You’re nowhere and everywhere

While the final rattle rocks
My tears explode into a scream

It’s empty, empty cage
Enmeshed in the sadness

And I can’t handle this
I fall to my knees… take me as well

I grieve, for you
Discomfort in my solitude

You leave, me
I miss you

Let it out and move on
Suck it up and don’t look back

Missing what’s gone
My soul pinched by this rape

They say life carries on
I’m lacking in fire… strength

They say life carries on and on and on
I can’t carry a thing… too heavy

Life carries on in the people I meet
Blurs embedded in life

In everyone that’s out on the street
I hate them all right now… crying for you

In all the dogs and cats
You loved them so much

In the flies and rats
Fate tightened its hold

In the rot and the rust
Time passing without you

In the ashes and the dust
Reality setting in

Life carries on and on and on and on
I have to live… without your smile

Life carries on and on and on
Survive to comfort, protect and love

Life carries on and on and on and on
Is this normal… to exist when you don’t?

Life carries on and on and on
Getting used to the fact… you’ve gone

Just the car that we ride in
Moving the numb

The home we reside in
Cleansing the salt off

The face that we hide in
Smiling for them

The way we are tied in
I’ll see you again… when?

As life carries on and on and on and on
I have no choice but to hold on

Life carries on and on and on
They need me and I…

Did I dream this belief
My heart is torn… my mind… blown

Or did I believe this dream?
Where is the reason for this?

Now I will find relief
Adrenaline of hope

I grieve
Soaked in the memory of my blue butterfly

© 2017 Mel Gtuiér

Data from: LyricFind

Thank you all for your love.






11 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 58 – Remembrance

  1. Sweet Mel, my heart goes out with you. I wish I could be there to give you a hug. I can feel your heart and the emotions. I am sorry you have to go through the pain. Life goes on, not same again though. Not anymore. You are a strong woman. Love ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Mel… I’m holding you. I can’t imagine how this feels, what you are going through, the emotions… But, the memories, the happiness and good times… She was loved, and I can feel that from you with your words and your heart. I’m so sorry. 😚😯😚❤

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