100 DoRaM: Day 61 – Flash Fiction

Before I started blogging, I had no idea what Flash Fiction was.  I thought it was some sort of Science Fiction genre.  I know.  I was but a child in this blogosphere.  I was used to writing short stories back in college.  I few thousand words, several pages.  Flash fiction was far… far away from my universe. When I did finally get wind of it I was so inspired.  I just put some music on and Touch me came to me.  I’ve done others since but this one holds a special meaning because not only was it my first but it inspired my Vampira works.  You can check out the Vampira nook on the blog.  I love writing the flash fiction.  I need to do more.

From July 5, 2017

Touch Me

It’s been a while since I felt you. Since I’ve smelled your body against mine. I’m aching from the thought of you. My body hurts and my brain is mush with souvenirs of your hands on me. Your hands. They’re strong, firm and gentle. My body was their guide to pleasure, my pleasure. I remember your touch like the breeze soothing my skin now. The summer sun caressing me like you did so many times before. I remember your lips wet on me, all of me. Your lips… when I was thirsty they delivered me from that thirst. When I was hungry they fed me, sustained me. You…  Where are you? Why are you taking so long? You said…


Relief. You’re here.


“I’m sorry it took me so long. I know I said it wouldn’t but things happened and… Come here! Let me hold you before I collapse!”

Rushing towards you like my life depended on it. Your strong arms anchored around me and your lips nourishing my neck. You were such a sweet dream to me. Now you’re here holding me, kissing me… loving me.

“Do you have to leave again?”

“No. If I do, you’re coming with me. I don’t think I could survive again without you by my side.”

“Good. Now… touch me.”

© 2017 Mel Gutiér


Love y’all!

Thanks so much for reading and for listening.

28 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 61 – Flash Fiction

  1. First, I never criticized you or Mel but instead complimented your writing talents. I was offended by what I perceived as you not being nice to me by talking down to me or being disrespectful. Of course I read the entire post. I like to read.
    You hurt my feelings and I came back at you defensively. It’s that simple.
    I spoke to several fellow teachers tonight who teach literature and writing and none had heard of flash fiction . Each do similar activities now and then for developing dialogue, vocabulary, scene structure etc. but I’m not the only person who has never heard of it. They too thought it could be helpful to develop skills but agreed that it was indicative of how over the past couple generations people read and write less. That isn’t a put down just a discussion about Flash fiction, writers and writing. We all have given individual assignments that were similar to FF but the goal was to get the students to come up with a different product at the end of the course and the FF style activities were a tool to help get them there. So you see my concerns are strictly from an academic/educators POV. Not condemning any person, but a type of writing style we were unfamiliar and a bit comfortable with . Teachers look at things differently. If your goal is to write an essay or novel then you work towards it. That’s what we do or did. I think blogs have opened up a different style of writing and that baffles those of us in the teaching field. My son used to turn everything he wrote in high school into a movie. He wrote essays and then turned that in along with a dvd of it made into a film. It’s who he was. If FF is your thing then enjoy it. Perhaps I over reacted or took what you said personally and then Mel’s lol after your comment came off as if you were both making fun of me being old school and not current. Current is all relative. I’m the one I don’t think I have a chip on my shoulder. But I am a fighter if I think I’m being attacked. If I perceived it wrong then im sorry if I over reacted. And name dropping? I’m so damn proud of my kids that I’ll name drop or brag about them all the time. I raised them as a single Mom, my oldest from since he was only ten months old, so you betcha I’m gonna brag about their accomplishments. I worked 3 jobs to put food on the table and save for their college and they worked too and still got academic scholarships. So I’m a proud mama and proud grandma and will take any opportunity to show how proud I am of them. Both sons are humble and would be embarrassed that I bragged, but they are my world. So yeah I brag about them. Here I was this 24 year old kid with a ten month old baby and I had to raise him to be a successful man. And I did it and he is. And my other son’s father got sick and died of pancreatic cancer when he wS in school so I had to keep a stiff upper lip and raise him alone too. So you bet I’m gonna name drop about my boys. But my comment
    was never about people’s writing talent, just about a form of writing that I don’t get. Two different things. I love Shakespeare but don’t care particularly Care for his historical plays. I prefer the ones he created on a whim rather than his retelling of history. It doesn’t mean I don’t love the bard. I felt attacked by you and I responded thusly. I never told anyone not to create what they wanted. I just gave an opinion on a style of writing. Limericks are fun but I wouldn’t want to do them all the time. A style of writing not your personal writing, but you basically told me I wasn’t current and that is passing judgement on me! Therefore getting my dander up and making me try to show you that I was. Foolish I suppose but I felt snickering behind the scenes. I dont believe I asked anyone to change I just let you know that while you were telling me to shorten things to stay current I know that’s not necessarily what is current in the world of writing. If me responding to you with honesty after I felt attacked rubs you the wrong way then you also may elect to unfollow me. Your choice. I don’t blog every day.

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    1. Clever and I are good friends. It seems there is a lot of misunderstanding here. My LOL after his comment was meant at him not at you. He knows why I laugh at him. But he and I have been good friends for a while. We get each other that way. Again it was not meant for you but LOL at him. I’m always giggling or laughing at him.

      And just for your FYI… there is not a harmful bone in his body. CLEVER is an amazing person, but like me he is very passionate. I don’t feel anything he said was necessarily to attack you. I’m pretty sure of it.

      I do want to apologize if you felt attacked though by anything posted here. It most definitely was not the intent. You’re comments can be overwhelming at times, they’re rather long. It’s like an attack on my blog. You’re free to express yourself of course but a comment is just that, a comment. I really appreciate your passion and wanting so much to let everyone know who you are and what you’ve been through in life. That is passion for sure. Perhaps maybe you should let us get to know you on your blog. When you visit, try to get to know the blogger, before you comment. I feel that is the best way to share. I’ve learned that since I started blogging.

      For example… I feel you totally missed my flash fiction experience. Did you see that I don’t just write flash fiction? Did you visit my home page? Did you actually get to know me before you commented on such a grand scale? That is all I’m saying. I love your knowledge and your passion but some things don’t really apply here. The blogosphere is a different creature and fortunately a huge creature with plenty of types and likes to go around. When people come to visit… and you can read the comment thread, it’s always with support and love and just friendship. They know me. If I post something sexy. They know me. If I post something quirky they know me. I’m very eclectic in all my tastes. My blog friends are from all walks and I respect them and love them all. I respect you. I’m sorry for any misunderstanding. It is not an attack on you. Rather a defense mechanism on the work I do.

      I work full time, I’m a mom of three, I’ve been through a lot. I’ve posted about some of it and I can appreciate your point of view so much. But try to understand that this meaningful work is not about literature or other world things… it is about individualism and in my case dreaming in music and making up stuff for entertainment and for the passion of creating something uniquely different. Nothing against you. Nothing. I assure you.

      Dear Leslie… thank you for visiting my blog and sharing so much of you. I really do appreciate it. Again I am very sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings. And CLEVER… he would not hurt a fly. Have you read his works, his beautiful poetry? You should. He’s pretty amazing. He does his music posts for fun. That’s something he and I have in common. Anyway… you are welcomed here anytime. Take care.

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      1. Mel, I did read about you and was impressed with your goals and diversity before I initially commented. I was trying to reply to Ward’s “clarification comments” and the format of the blog put it on your post, which was not my intention at all. You said nothing to offend and clearly I did feel I was being ganged up against but again, the format of the blog is set up so the replies read that way. When you probably just responded to him. However, they read one after another. I think you are spot on in your assessment. We have different views on comments. I guess bloggers do the twitter version and I write the essay version. My comments to your work are positive. I enjoy your writing. I enjoy your energy and passion and appreciate your clarification to my hurt and defensive response to Ward. I tend to be wordy even when texting. It’s my writing style. It’s a combo of generational and academia. But my anger was expressed towards Wards comments to me, certainly not at your creative blog. The format didn’t allow me – or I didn’t clearly didn’t know how, to respond to him privately to answer his comments . I’m so sorry it showed up on your blog. Perhaps you can send him my answer and then just delete my comments. My intention was never to undermine your creative post. Keep writing. 👍

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    2. I love Mel.
      Mel has some criticisms of me occasionally. 😉 Not too many! But I know her, and love her. I know she cares about me, and she’s not trying to change me – just make me better.

      And I like you, Lesley, but I admit I was defensive for myself AND Mel. I felt as though her post was being attacked and criticized in a sustained manner, and that was coming on the heels of your first comment to me, which attacked my choice of song. It’s the equivalent of walking into a party, and the first time you meet someone you say “hey, that color looks awful on you.” I certainly hope you wouldn’t do something like that.

      On the blog, we’re all equals.

      Virtually no one comes here to learn how to write, because there isn’t one way to write. There are no forbidden forms, and everyone is free to write as they see fit. Unsolicited advice is considered questionable, and outright criticism is considered rude. In a classroom setting, students want to learn. They chose the class. A teacher is virtually obligated to show them what she knows. But not here in the blogosphere. When people come across a blog with writing they don’t like, or even just a post with a topic they are not interested in, they generally just stop reading and move on. There are literally millions of blogs on WordPress. For all I know, a blog I don’t like is followed by 5000 people who love it. Good for all of them.

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      1. You know the funny thing is I wasn’t attacking Mel’s blog. Not at all! I loved her piece. I was responding to something you said. And quite honestly I don’t even remember now what it was. So it was a total miscommunication. I should have replied to you privately because I didn’t realize at the time that my reply would post on her blog and not yours.
        *Good point that nobody blogs to learn how to write…I have to admit, It is difficult, when I come across a person (NOT either of you) who has wonderful ideas and great potential, but lacks basic writing or grammar skills and it is so hard not to want to help them improve. Or a person who uses the SAME word 3 times in a stanza or paragraph. I so want to tell them to use a thesaurus and bump it up a notch, but I hold back and I don’t say a word, yet I really do want to. (You can’t teach writing for your entire adult life and not want to help others.) So, I think the culture clash here is that my desire to help has been misconstrued as rude. BUT, I in no way meant to jump in on Mel’s blog. I enjoyed her piece. I think you two are top notch in the talent zone. I was just making a commentary on this new form of writing. Anyhow, thanks for the update on how blogsville works. I didn’t have a clue.

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      2. You’re fine, Lesley. I suppose you meant well. It’s just that if you make a not so favorable commentary on a form of writing or music under a post where that very same form appears, it’s hard not to take it personally.

        Just for fun, listen to the song Meet Virginia, by Train. It’s exactly what you’re talking about. They not only rhyme “president” with “president” in a verse, but in the chorus the word “life” is used at the end of three of the four lines!

        I think we can hug it out now, and move on to the friendship portion of our relationship. I’d like that. 😊

        P. S. I use emojis all the time. 😉 sure, they are even more shorthandish, but words themselves are merely representations of reality. Plus, emojis are faster. Lol

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      3. That’s pretty funny about that Virginia song. I’ll have to check it out. (You do know that On state writing tests they’d take off points for that . Lol ) But we both know music often changes everything.
        Yes, hugging it out in this lyrical lounge setting sounds like a good plan. And, BTW, I love emojis. I was afraid to use them for fear of seeming too Geeky. 😁🙃🤓 Happy Writing! ✌️

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  2. Lesley, pithiness is not laziness. One can still be eloquent and describe an entire scene that captivates, moves and entertains without delving into the history of the world.
    Have you heard about corduroy pillows?
    They’re making headlines.

    Can you really say that joke would be better with more words in it? 😉

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  3. You need to check out my other work and I am about to publish part 1 of book one of a trilogy. Some Kind of Heaven

    Also… if you’re a blogger… flash fiction is great entertainment. I don’t have time to read long novels on line during my breaks. I believe that is why flash fiction is so popular and a lot are quite brilliant and entertaining.

    Thank you for your thoughts.😊

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