100 DoRaM: Day 62 – Get a load of this!

What is it about this blogosphere? This magical place where I can be free to truly be myself, write what I want and swim freely in oceans filled with infinity pools of creative brilliance. There is something here. It sucks me in by its vortex. I like how it feels. The gravatar eyeing me from the corner… ooohhh… nice! I like it. He’s cute… she’s a sassy sexy thing and hey… weird but… oh so delicious. Me want to read that, experience it, whip it around in my head… collaborate? Oh yes please! Let’s do it again! And… breathe sigh… lingers on the blog like honey dripping from my lips. Yum! Oh come… give me that flirt!

Yes! There is something about this here blogosphere! Oh… so formal, are you? I like it but… I’d rather read a raunchy limerick you see. He’s so good at that! Oh *wink* *blows kiss*. Comment during the lunch break scenario. Whipping up a “like” when there’s nothing there… for the follow? Come on y’all! Not following that! Passionate! YES! Not like that though. Music post? YES! Oh YES! a la Meg Ryan When Harry Met Sally! I do love dreamin’… drama… controversy… orgasms… quiver! Yes… yes… YES! Climax into your collaboration. I did so enjoy it. Lists? Oh okay. Cool but… I like that other critter thing. So cute and so uplifting! Another orgasm… it’s so good! She does a good job that one. Never mind y’all! I was just dreamin’!

Oh, this blogosphere! Queer it is a bit. Emotional distortion. Constipated comments in the moment linger beyond what I want to say. It happens! Shit happens! Oh! I thought you didn’t curse? Umm… did I just say that? What! That wasn’t me. *Eye roll*. Write this day and that! Tired! Gotta post! Do it! Do it! You CAN do it! Crazy meta self! Self-referential that Charlie! He’s so cute. Fall in love on the blog? Oh… naughty you! YES! I am. *Wink* LOL – creative reconnaissance! Maybe… but why? Why not! Dope! I’m a little sleepy you see. I’m a little sleepy you see. I’m a little sleepy you see. I think I just said that a while ago but not too long ago. I’m sleepy you see… I’m a little… slee…

Love y’all!

Thank you so much for reading and for listening!


32 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 62 – Get a load of this!

      1. It’s actually beautiful outside and sunny. A large part of me would like to be out there in the Gardens, but I have quite a few commissioned pieces I need to get moving on before the end of the year. I have too many passions!

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  1. I swear, I thought I saw myself in this… But maybe not. It’s okay. Maybe I’ll make it into the next one. When Harry Met Sally, I’ll have what she’s having. An orgasm. Yes ma’am, right away. Would you like more coffee as well?
    This morning is so early, so far away, so distant, but I feel like we are kindred spirits in our sleepiness and blog thought processes. Do you think things are random, or that people are meant to meet each other? Everyone wants to bring different things to their deserted islands, but that’s good, because when we find each other, we have what the other one needs.
    It’s early. Coffee coming. Good morning, Mel.

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      1. First of all, I’m in love with your comment, and you. Second, your cup is sitting on the table, next to mine, nice and hot, any way you want it, whenever you want it.
        A good start to the day.

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  2. Love your semiospheres, and your hemiospheres all intertwining with your blogospheres, it really puts the logi-fears into all your undi-peers, and I’m laughing lots of fucio-tears….. scom….xx

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