100 DoRaM: Day 64 – SKoH Update

Yes!  I am getting very close to completing what I need for Part 1 of Book 1 – Some Kind of Heaven.  It has not been easy for me.  I’m so emotional when it comes to my baby.  I’ve surgically removed it’s limbs and then added things that… No way!  I’m leaving my chapters in tact.  My fragments of time here and there are all I’ve had to work on this so I’m very happy with the progress so far.  I picked up momentum ever since I decided to leave my chapters the way they are, long and full of life.  Cutting it up did not feel right after a while.

I have also taken a closer step towards the process of publishing.  I’ve designed my own cover using creative licensed images. I’m also formatting the text the electronic copy.  Apparently, the chapters don’t show.  I’m going to have to take them out of the header/footer and actually put them on the first page, at least. This is hard work I think.  Not sure how I’m doing it.  Bit by bit… little by little and a bit of whipash in the ass, I guess.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 4.

What the hell did I just do! I must be out of my mind! Why can’t I keep it together? I’ve lost all moral compass with her. She’s hot. If I overheard correctly. Hot? Oh God… if only but… She’ll hate me now for sure! Look at her! Her delicate body going up the stairs like that. The back of her neck. Oh God, she’s so beautiful! Damn it! Marcus is talking but my ears are plugged. I want to run upstairs after her and…

“Joseph! Where did you just go? Matl? Come on! You spent all day with her!”

“Huh? Yeah… listen just wing it. I mean you can do more than what you give yourself credit for. You don’t need me.”

“I can’t do it. I’m completely confused with the launch configurations.”

“Marcus, it’s not that complicated. You’re making it complicated. Jason knows the coordinates he can help you with that. I don’t need to be there. This isn’t even my class. Listen if you want I can type it up for you step by step but I don’t have to be there.”

“Fine! Some friend you are!”

“What the fuck Marcus! I helped you all day Saturday and what about all the days before that! What the hell do you want from me? You have Jason and Charlie backing you up. You three will be fine.”

“Yeah… whatever! Good night!”

I swear sometimes he acts like a jealous girlfriend. I’m not going to the science fair and I don’t want to hold his hand while he does his presentation and skip my class… for that?

“Good night!”

Fucker! I can’t wait to be alone in my room. The only place I can be with her without hurting her. My phone buzzes. Matl. Wicked Games. Hmm… Maybe she doesn’t hate me. Interesting.

“Umm… Goodnight all! This was a great day. Thank you for letting me spend it with Matl. It meant a lot to me.”

“Good night son. You really made her day extra special. I’m counting on you to protect her when we can’t. Okay?”

Shit! Uncle Donavan talking to me like that. He is such a nice guy. If he knew what I just did… what I just let Matl feel. Oh God! I’m going to Hell! He’s right. I need to protect her. I’m letting everyone down, especially my Matl. How the hell am I going to protect her… from me. Damn it!

“Yes Uncle. Of course, always!”

They all tell me good night. Oh great… here she comes. Gorgeous Auntie Alex.

“Joseph, I just want you to know that I trust you. I know you would never do anything to hurt her and that you only have her best interest at heart. But… you’ll tell me if there is anything I should know. Right? I mean… if lines seem a bit blurry and you get confused or it becomes too much then you’ll come to me. Right?”

I’m fucked up! My life is completely upside down right now. I’m such a bastard!

“Yes Auntie. I’ll let you know.”

Of course, that’s a big fat lie! I’ve already broken all the rules with Matl. Shit! Why would I let anyone know anything? This is between me and Matl. Unless she says something I’m not saying a thing. Damn! The SB drive. Somebody shoot me. I’m in such deep shit. Don’t hug me. Don’t… hug… me. And she’s hugging me.

“Good night Joseph, you’re such a sweet boy.”

Oh God she is so sexy. She’s about five four, just about the same height Matl is. She looks at me with those big dark eyes. Those are Matl’s eyes. Why God! Why! Torture. Auntie is super-hot for a woman her age. Matl will be too. Even more so. Crazy how much Matl affects me. I’m so messed up right now. I need to get home!

“Good night Auntie and thanks again for letting me be with Matl today. It was pretty special.”

She has such a beautiful smile. Like Matl. I’ve had fantasies about seducing Auntie Alex but then… I love her. What the fuck am I thinking? She’s like a second Mother to me. Snap out of it! You’re such horny prick!

“Goodnight. I better get home now. Goodnight Joe. Charlize.”

“Goodnight big guy.”

They’re all so nice. If they only knew what is going through my mind right now. Matl and I naked in my bed. I have to get to bed! I imagine her there with me. Touching me and me touching her. God! My life is Hell. She’s in me. She’s under my skin and the only way is to scratch her out and bleed out her essence then die. It’s the only way. I’m way too deep into her. I’m completely rattled. I see her beyond her age… I feel her. What is age anyway? Just the delay of the inevitable. Today… she showed no delay. She’s a beautiful young woman. Between me and her… our world, we are one for the other. Damn it! I need to recover from this. Looking up at the stars… she’s all I can think about. What’s happening to me? It’s a madness that only she can heal me from. How can I protect her from it?

Chapter 4 – Joseph – Some Kind of Heaven, MATL Book 1 – Part 1

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

Okay… it felt good to let that out.  I’m excited!  Yay!

Now as for a song for this post… Mike from his very fantastical Afterwards shared a lovely blast from the past. (Thanks Mike! Go check out his brill fiction and poetical from his brain. Freakishly magical and lyrical!)  Man!  I love how music just links all of us together.  Anyway, this acoustic version of a favorite of mine got me all emotional.  I believe it is quite wonderful.  Breathe sigh… (*wink*)

Love y’all!

Thanks so much for reading and for listening!






13 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 64 – SKoH Update

  1. Can’t wait to read your book as a whole. This was an interesting piece and enjoyable.

    Are you formatting for kindle? There are some helpful websites out there if you are. Helped me a lot. Still not great at it, but I was able to at least get the basics down.

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