100 DoRaM: Day 68 – Petoi Lin, Chronos and the follows

The follows can certainly become overwhelming. I mean… there is only so much time available to do everything there is to do and read other worlds. I certainly can’t keep up with all of you lovelies. You are so many. You are consistently coming here and liking, commenting though. I’m so humbled by all of you. And some of you I haven’t even followed. Still, you show up here and star the like. I’m so humbled and touched by your consistent support. I know I’ve said this before – I do love you all and I am very grateful for each and every one of you. My head down and my hand over my heart. A humble thank you with lots of love!

Now, I would like to recognize two friends that have recently touched my head lovingly.

Petoi Lin, you have been around my head since I can remember. Dear friend your fantasy world, touching poetry, your lovely whimsy, are truly enchanting. From one dreamer to another, I’m excited for you bringing your work to fruition, publication. Your world is some of the stuff I love. Love, for example… it dwells in your paradise so sweetly with an edge of melancholy and pixy dreams. I’m in love with that soft adornment you enhance your posts with, your fiction resonates. Keep going and stay beautiful as your spirit is clearly on the right path touching everyone who follows you!

Chronos, my friend, it was the music that connected us. This connection is so powerful. I’m consistently floored when I find other kindred spirits that are as touched by music as I am. But… you sir, have some very insightful pieces enhanced by beautiful photography. I mean… stunning! You’re eye behind that lens is quite powerful. Then you add music. Perfection. Thank you for bringing those elements together so beautifully for this humble fan. Muito obrigado.

Now you would all do well to check out these two beautiful loves. You will thoroughly enjoy their worlds.

Music for this post? Well, Petoi might not be old enough for this but Chronos I think might get this. New Order. Yes! I was so into them having grown up in a different world than anyone in my family. I was smitten by all things British and music was a constant support in my life. I know… I’m repeating myself here. Okay, fine. No more stalling. New Order… here’s one of my favorites.

Love y’all!  Truly!

Thank you for reading and for listening.

23 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 68 – Petoi Lin, Chronos and the follows

      1. Have updated post. I know I’ve made reference to you as a girl before. I’m so sorry! I owe you a huge debt! 😘

        You feel free to kick my ass! I deserve it. What kind of fan am I not to have known that important detail! 😳

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  1. I love your passion, and your appreciation for the things and people you love! It brings a smile to my face when I see your brilliant and expressive enthusiasm for discoveries you share. 😊 I will look at them both!

    Liked by 1 person

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