100 DoRaM: Day 69 – Dreaming in Music Labyrinth

Obvious, how much I love music and how much it inspires me. I know I’m not alone in this. We’re all dreamers of sorts in this musicality that craves us. All of us here in this WP, we tear down barriers and open doors beyond what we can see clearly, blur the texts into configured jargon. Music tying it all in. Spoken… lyrical, obscured sense of longing. Longing for that dream, inspiration that will rocket the thought into existence. Breathe sighs… all over the place until our hearts swell and become one long breath bringing something other than real to life. Obvious to the obviously musical dreams come true.

Inspirational motion in sooths of passion just lingering on a white canvas. Textualizing complexity out of nothing. Breathing the focus into the lens of the mind’s eye. It escapes me sometimes… dreaming in music. Reality not so much but then… it is so real to me. Little whispers knife inspirations into pieces yet to be exposed, naked. They’re mixed with soft sweet kisses of prose textured in soft parlance. Soul searching in lyrics that lose their symphony far, far into wild noisy heavens. Oh, our skies are deep in the oceans so clever. Inspirational piracy… my mind a slave to the lyric.

Not alone in this… not at all. Have you by my side. I’m so lost in the delicious magnitude of that. Poking my innards until I feel its truth. Yes. The sound of you crooning my heart drums like a lover stentorian. Crowded bliss, dreaming this. How to positive the lack of sleep from it. Shout the hermetic vapors that echo from the tones in music’s kiss. You. Confusing dream with reality’s ache. Nonsensical paradox gliding the affection of such a dream as this. It is a lone thought that wanders off losing its grip on the cliffs edge that led me to fall from solitude… led me to dream in the music of your love.

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

I had a little trouble choosing the track for this.  Not that it matters given my history with these posts.  Music is music but… still. I love almost every track by Death Cab for Cutie.  I was listening to their mellow guitar strings and base as I wrote this crazy labyrinth.  Finally, before I completed this piece, I was stuck on a treasure, repeated it several times until I was done writing.  Hope you enjoy it.

Love y’all!

Thank you so much for reading and for listening!




15 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 69 – Dreaming in Music Labyrinth

  1. Great read Mel. I enjoyed very much. Just discovered your blog and I’m very please by it. I will come back to read more of you soon that’s for sure. Thanks for introducing me to Death Cab for Cutie too. Such a sexy voice and nice music. -Dominique

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  2. You’re definitely a music freakie, only six more months to go and I’ll let you into my club “The Ivor’s Greatest Freakie’s Happiest Souls Club” , I’m sure you’ll fit in, and enjoy all the other freakie members xx

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      1. There’s a few rules, must have a vinyl record of Rolling Stones LP Aftermath, and kept a ticket to one of their live concerts, and the other rule, you must have a locket of Ivor’s hair, or failing that the vinyl record of Roxy Music’s, first LP, self titled Roxy Music… and there’s dress and drinking rules….

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