100 DoRaM: Day 71 – What about all the other days?

Yeah… what about all the other days?

Those days when you feel blah but you still have those that love you around you.

Those days when it’s cold but you realize that in comparison to that homeless person you saw the other day… heat in your car is a blessing.

Those days when you’re being nagged out of your brain for no good reason and then somebody smiles or says they love you.  That has to count for something.

Those days when you could just collapse from exhaustion but the laundry is done and the chores are done.  You have one day to enjoy the peace and love surrounding you without lifting a finger.

Those days when your luck seems to have run out and you find a twenty dollar bill in your pocket.  Treating yourself and the one you love to a Starbucks suddenly makes every ounce of bad luck disappear.(*wink*)

Those days when you thought you had it in the bag and then your boss gives the promotion to someone else.  You sulk but then… turns out they’re being relocated to Timbuktu instead of Hawaii.  Whew!  Thank God it wasn’t you!

Those days when you meet someone and they surprise you.  They’re incredible and beautiful and you count your blessing because… where would you be without them. (*wink*)

I’m all for those other days… Thanksgiving, often times seems to be about the food.  How the turkey looks.  Who cooked what.  What kind of desert are we having.  Say a prayer and start eating.  I’m with Roda on this… I’m truly blessed with a full heart.  I have love to spare when I thought I wouldn’t have such a gift (*wink*).

And… when you have new friends, I’m talking about y’all, Thanksgiving is an every day thing.  Yep… I’m pretty lucky!

Lastly, I’m so glad for the warmth of a pair of kindred fiery wings.  Our flutter will last a long time to come!  I feel it!

Breathe sigh… I’m so lucky indeed… for today and all those other days.

I couldn’t help this!  It was just meant to be played today!  I know at least a couple of you will appreciate this more than others.  But still you are all music to me!

Love y’all!

Thank you so much for reading and for listening today and all those other days!


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