100 DoRaM: Day 72 – Letting some “Friction” out

Hello lovelies!  As I’m getting closer to getting my whole work out, I  like letting the bits out to play.  Today I woke up early, read over Chapter 6.  I love this chapter.  There is a lot going on from Matl’s perspective.  She’s changing.  Her whole world is about to take a drastic turn.  Friction is inevitable.  This scene involves her eldest brother Jeremy and his fiancée.  He has invited her to lunch with them.  I quite enjoy Matl’s thought process.  She is sweet and fiery.  At the end is a thought that triggers a drastic turn of events for the young protagonist.

Jeremy meets us for lunch at a very posh restaurant. I thought I would feel underdressed but they know him and the staff makes us feel right at home. Wow. My brother is very charming. He doesn’t look like the product of an abusive family at all. He is so confident and sure of himself. Allie keeps putting her hand over his on the table. He raises it and kisses her hand. He scoots closer to her and then he looks at me as if he had forgotten I was there. I smile. He wants to be close to her but not in front of me.

“Jeremy… relax! I’m good. If you two want to kiss and be close, I’m good.”

“Your brother is very affectionate. But sometimes he’s self-conscious about it.”

She tells me sweetly getting closer to him, kissing him on the cheek. Jeremy is blushing as he looks at me. He wants to tell me something but he stops himself. They’re bringing our lunch orders and the waiter puts my napkin on my lap. Fancy. It catches me off guard. Sigh… smile. They look good together.  I’m so curious though, about their sex life. I’m thirteen… it’s okay for me to be inappropriate. Right?

“So… have you two had sex yet?”

I ask casually taking a bite of my salad. Jeremy spits out his drink and Allie blushes to bright red. I persist in my awkward but necessary inquiry. I know I’ve touched a sensitive spot with Jeremy because after all he did talk to me about sex. Well, if I recall it was more like a lecture rather than a talk. Angel and I looked at each other in yuk format.  I however had lingering thoughts that went beyond the references to moisture in the vagina and a hard penis, I remember he was doing all the talking. It was as if he felt better. Mom was better at it though. I didn’t dare tell him Mom had already had the talk with us, separately. I didn’t dare. Neither did Angel. We were both curious to know what he knew. It was so technical though. I liked Mom’s lovely interpretation and I did have feelings and thoughts for Joseph then… like the ones I have now. Sexual. I don’t see what the big deal is.

“Matl… I … that is a …. That is a very private matter.”

“Oh… so you have had sex. I was just curious. I know Mom and Dad didn’t wait until they got married. I just wanted to see where you two stood on that.”

“Matl… we are definitely waiting for marriage.”

He says very earnestly. He’s lying. I can tell. Allie gives him away. That look she’s giving him. Fire. She looks upset, almost angry. She looks down at her plate and takes a sip of her drink. She takes a deep breath and blows out. She turns to look at him, fire shooting out of her eyes. He’s turning red all the while he’s not able to look at me. So, he has been intimate with her. It’s obvious because he’s trying too hard. Allie’s not having it. I’ve done it this time.

“Jeremy Thomas Scott! You took my virginity four months ago! Why would you lie about it? And what about our weekends at my place? You’re going to deny that too?”

Oh my God! I was just trying to push his buttons. I didn’t mean to upset her. Sounds like he and Joe are both keeping busy being intimate with their loves. I’ve got to behave myself. Poor Allie. Jeremy lowers his head and I start a giggling fit at their expense. I can’t help it. Allie’s upset though to the point of tears. Oh God! What did I just do? I feel horrible. I’m quiet now. She looks at me and crosses her arms. She wipes her tears. She seems very sensitive about it as well but in the opposite way. Jeremy wants to keep it secret and she wants him to acknowledge it like he loves her and he can’t be without her. She’s very passionate– Wait… Thomas? My brother has a middle name?

Chapter 6 – Friction, Some Kind of Heaven – Part 1 (MATL Book 1)

© 2017 Mel Gutiér

Wanted to add that MATL is an acronym as you may already know.  Throughout the novel you will see it as Matl.  it does blur into her name. It may sound awkward but towards the end, it just sounds right.  It’s pronounced “maddle”.  Just in case you were wondering or hadn’t read previously about her name.

What happens in the textures of young love?  Texting each other music, of course.  LOL!  Joseph is quite a romantic sending Matl this song.  It is featured in the novel while she’s spending time at her brother’s.  He misses his Matl.  Delicious. (*wink*)

Love y’all.

Thank you so much for reading and for listening.


18 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 72 – Letting some “Friction” out

  1. Makes it all more intriguing and enjoyable when you know that author better given how much of you us regular followers get to see. Makes it more than just the story in isolation.

    There ends my clumsy rambling.

    I liked it muchly 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is sweet and adorable, while still being sexy. I can’t wait to read it all.
    And you make me want to write! You make it seem effortless, even though I’ve had a peek behind the curtain.
    You’re so good! I’m excited for you! 😍

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I know Mel, that’s what I’m saying. As an Adult book , I find it very well written and I can’t wait to read it , but to “my perspective”, I find it a bit vulgar. As you already know, i prefer to read books where that kind of language isn’t mentioned, such as children’s books or non-romance type.
        Please don’t be mad at me.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m not mad. I just feel like… is it because she’s thinking about sex? She’s curious about life and she’s not afraid to think out loud. I’m just portraying a raw feeling.
        I can’t ever be mad at you my love. I have a great deal of respect for you. I love your passion. I am grateful for your goodness. I am.

        You make me a better friend and person. I’m still going to write what I feel. I’m telling love stories and sometimes that is intense and naughty. But I believe in all my stories, there is love, true love.

        I understand your perspective. I do. I can’t ever and won’t ever be mad or upset with you. You’re being such a good friend. How could I.

        Nothing but love for you Novus. The world is better because of you. Truly lovely!

        Liked by 1 person

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