100 DoRaM: Day 73 – CLEVER

Hey now… something truly EPIC beyond what you guys heard in the earlier thing I posted.  You want to know what sexy truly is?  It’s a brain capable of shooting super awesome delight all over you like an orgasm on steroids! I think it’s a fantastical idea turning the blogosphere upside down.  I dare y’all go to CLEVER land and swim his ocean for a little creative fun!  I mean this guy… he makes me want to curse with what he just did!!!!!!!  It’s so amazing!!!!!!  So… what the hell are you waiting for!!!  GO!  NOW!! I suggest you follow him if you’re not already doing it and click on the reader to start the fun! Or better yet go to his site!

Your own blog adventure


CLEVER!!!!!  You’re killing me!!!!!!!

What kind of song you think might go with such a CLEVER man….

It could be a chess game… it’s a little crazy!

Now go read some CLEVER!


43 thoughts on “100 DoRaM: Day 73 – CLEVER

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      1. So cool! I’m so glad. I love you guys! This blog thing just amazes me. And CLEVER… he worked really hard on that! So cool! I’m starting my adventure later. I think I’ll get some sleep now.

        Have fun digging those up by the way. I smell a post of sorts inspired by this on Afterwards… hmmm funny how all this nonsensical beautiful works! 😉

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