Epic… love song

This intense work… between the lyric and the imagery portrayed… I just really love the intensity.  Been listening for a while.  Been wanting to post it.  Boy Epic is one of my sexy faves.  His performance and creativity really captivate me.  I’m always blown away by his sexy intensity.  This is one intense love song!  Serious! (Novus… look away dear.  You will not appreciate this my lovely.  Protecting you.)

Seriously… this work to me is very creative.  The lyrics say one thing but the video is like… what is going on here? All of his music videos are poignant and telling.  He’s such a great performer.  Breathe… sigh…

The wheels are turning in my head y’all. Nothing like an intense love song to make you go… (*wink*)

Love y’all and I hope you’re having a great weekend.  Working over night… sleep… meh… Sleep is for the weak!!!


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