Even back then… my head, my heart…

Yes.  I was listening to this as a young teen.  Back then I just heard the passionate lyrics.  I’m not really sure I knew what they stood for but I know I felt good when I listened to them. I wore out the cassette tape on this track.  I repeated it many times on my Walkman.  LOL!  I also memorized the lyrics and sang them out loud when I was alone in my room.  Yep!  I surely did rock that hair brush.  LOL!

Breathe sigh… love this song still.  However, now, I feel the lyrics on a different level.  Not a fantasy or a dream anymore. (*wink*)

Love y’all.  Hope this has been a good weekend.  Almost over for some.  Hugs!


17 thoughts on “Even back then… my head, my heart…

  1. To me, this was never necessarily about a preexisting or current relationship. About 15% of me felt this could have been post breakup and the beloved had moved on but she hadn’t. The other 85% of me was leaning towards this: her feelings were something she had never really voiced out loud, and not knowing any differently the beloved had found someone to be with – so this song was the anguish of seeing the beloved with another, while holding her tongue, too afraid to express her own feelings. ❤

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    1. Wow! CLEVER!

      I just really want him! Who cares about the other gal! I’m the one that makes him happy! That is my take in this. LOL!

      This is amazing conversation though. Never thought it would lead here. I’m a dreamer so… I’m just going to keep singing to him until he can be with me forever! 😉

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  2. I really try hard to like the lyrics to this song. It makes me sad though. The guy is cheating on her… Using her maybe? She doesn’t care? Just wants him when she can have him? I’m so confused… I’m not trying to be negative or dis your song. I am just trying really hard to understand the feelings of wanting someone that treats her this way.

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    1. I get you. I understand your point. But…

      Maybe he’s not treating her anyway. Maybe she’s passionate about the love she has for him or her. She’s challenging him/her to reconsider his/her choice. Also… I just feel like the lyrics take me somewhere passionate, deep feeling. She’s shouting, almost begging… can you imagine the feels of life when you love someone that way?

      I’m just saying… in my fiction… it’s fiction. But you haven’t loved, I don’t think… if there isn’t this kind of passion. Even in its simplest form or detail. It’s gotta hurt! You gotta feel it!

      I love that you got this fire for speaking out! Thanks for that!

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      1. I like your look on it. I understand the passion you feel. I have my own blazing fire of 18 years now. We commented to ourselves just two days ago we were acting like teenagers still, lol….

        I like your vision!
        and thank you! 😉

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      2. My pleasure. I enjoy reading yours and others thoughts. My wife tried to get me to do this many years ago. I resisted. In all honesty, I am quite the hermit.

        We have tried to teach all our children that two people can have true romance and trust and passion forever. If you find the right person, I guess… 😉

        They do think we are sappy, lol…

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