A jolt? Oh… okay – sound familiar?

Yeah well… what did you expect?  This is becoming a habit of mine.  This track just makes me feel better and I needed that today.  This and the love and affection of a good friend.  (*wink*)

Hey! I love this version so much!  Kind of a slow down version with a kick, boosted.  It feels like a big hug to me.  It has also given me a huge boost.  I’m on to Chapter 7 of SKoH.  I’m excited.  Almost there. That’s the last chapter in part 1.


I hope y’all are having a wonderful something!  If not… I hope this helps! Hugs!

Love y’all!

11 thoughts on “A jolt? Oh… okay – sound familiar?

  1. I saw this in subscriptions, and the email version doesn’t show videos. I immediately thought ” I bet it’s a version of The XX – Intro” and it was! 😊

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